Gossip Girl Round Table: "Easy J"

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Welcome back to another edition of TVF's Gossip Girl Round Table, where our panelists break down Monday's episode (see our review of "Easy J" from this morning).

Below, chief Gossip Girl critic Mister Meester joins TVF shot-callers Gossip Guy and DANdy for a discussion of GG quotes, plot holes, raccoons, schemes and cleavage ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from last night?

Gossip Guy: I quite enjoyed Jenny comparing Chuck and Blair to the level of the Cold War with their mutual destruction.

Mister Meester: Chuck, in full-on raspy-voiced scheming mode, telling Dan that he should be a writer. Unlike Blair at the NYU party, he surely knows Dan is. I also liked Lily's "reverse psychology," which was really just stating facts about S.

DANdy: Blair comparing her underlings' lack of accomplishments to Congress. So sad, so true. Penelope does bear an eerie resemblance to Nancy Pelosi.

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2. Jenny's short-lived comeback: Good times or good riddance?

Gossip Guy: Good riddance. Jenny's little comeback just felt like deja vu. How many times do I need to see Daddy Dan lecture her on how she shouldn't stoop to Blair and Chuck's level? Girl shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence as them.

Mister Meester: Good times. People have their issues with J, and plenty of them have merit. But let's face it, she kicked the drama up an extra notch, only to one-up Chair, hit the road again and leave us wanting more. Well, us meaning me at least.

DANdy: Wait, that was Jenny?!? I didn't recognize her without six gallons of eye make-up on.

3. Most unbelievable: Juliet's brother texting from prison, Tim Gunn's acting job when he ended Jenny's interview, or Serena's chest?

Gossip Guy: Haha, thank you Mister Meester for asking this question, because the second I saw the text during the episode I was waiting to bring this up in the round table. Then I saw Serena's chest in that outfit. Then I forgot the question. 

Mister Meester: Triple tie? The minions' hijacking of J's dresses deserves props, but Tim's feigning shock over them does not. Texting from prison? Hilarious. Lil Wayne was thrown in solitary for sneaking headphones in there and Ben's just Blackberrying up a storm?

Finally, as for Serena's chest ... let's all just give a round of applause to the show's costume department, shall we? And to Blake Lively's parents. Great work.

DANdy: The texting from prison. I've heard of minimum security, but never maximum minutes!

Bluck in Action

OH, IT HURTS: Chuck set out to destroy Blair, and pretty much succeeded. But seeing what he did, coupled with a stinging rebuke by Jenny, left him wanting to call off the war.

4. The Colin-Juliet connection: Great twist or too many plot holes?

Gossip Guy: Great twist. So did Colin just buy Serena? If so, get me Juliet's address, cause I will send her a blank check.

Mister Meester: If nothing else, the writers have kept me intrigued for six weeks now regarding Juliet. I just hope the payoff is worth it and can make up for several obvious, dubious questions, such as how the heck Juliet and Colin both ended up at Columbia.

DANdy: It was a great twist with too many plot holes. In other words: it was exactly why I watch Gossip Girl.

5. Will Chuck and Blair really call a truce?

Gossip Guy: Sure, until one of them finds a new significant other. Or until November sweeps next month. Then you better believe all hell will break loose again.

Mister Meester: I predict a lengthy document ironing out the terms of their peace treaty. Then I predict said document will be pushed off the table they have sex on.

DANdy: Yes. Then they'll call a car service and get it on in the backseat as a form of reconciliation. We know how much they enjoy it that way.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

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In this ending of the war between Chuck and Blair, I thought the slant gave Blair quite the beating. To have her former lover give her away for his hotel, sleep with her wannabe, then go off & start a new relationship with another, then bring his new love to live him, while showing everyone how he can be a better man for her, and then wage a war against the "love of his life," because she acted in petty jealousy and spite, did nothing to redeem his character, and showed how much of a doormat they made Blair into. This war was not a war, it was purely chuck lashing out, and Blair lashing back in defense. I think Blair should have tried to step back from her jealousy & just leave Chuck to this new life & love. It would have been hard, but better for her, and I understand him lashing out, but if he truly knew her as much as he proclaimed for 2 1/2 seasons, then he would have known she was lying about not loving him. She was just guarding herself from hurt. If he opened his eyes, he could see that there must be a reason why she was single, why she would so deceitfully try to get Eva out of the picture, and why she stays more than arms length away from him - she's still in love. I thought the episode was fine, except for the so-called smack down on Chuck & Blair with the GG virginity blast. I thought this spoke volumes about where Jenny's character went. Yes, she was hazed and belittled, but she chose to make an effort to join that clique, knowing that was their method of indoctrination. Yes, it was awful to have lost her virginity in such a regretful manner, but she chose to give it to someone she knew was in love with another. Yes, Blair has been mean to her, but she chose to get in between Blair's personal relationships, which would make anyone lash out. It seemed more than cruel to embarrass someone by revealing that you're the reason why she's broken-hearted. I know they turned it into a reputation thing, but any person knows that it hurts to be cheated on but to have it publicized just makes it hurt over and over again, along with embarrassment because your mate has shown to prove what you feared, that you meant so very little. This was coupled with everything else chuck had been putting her through, along with a betrayal of her protégé turned rival. I felt sad that they made characters that you grow to like into either cruel or pathetic caricatures. But I suppose producers, writers, etc. don't mind this as long as they create buzz, even at the price of their characters. I think it interesting that the bandage they propose to put on this is 'hate sex' between a favored couple. I do enjoy watching the chemistry portrayed by Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick but I don't think the writers, producers, etc. should kill their character's credibility and believability just to see how far they can take it. Most people do want an element of relatability to characters that they've grown to like. Hopefully there won't be a complete suspension of reality and characters won't dive deeper into the abyss.


i melted for her when he took her hand (even i had sparks!), and i melted for him when she told him to see himself out and he simply said "i know the way" and i love that they showed them standing on either side of the door - damn that doooor!


I would like to remind everyone that this show is a Josh Schwartz drama, not a documentary. Ofcourse there are some silly aspects, but we watch for entertainment and you need to have a certain willing suspension of disbelief. I think this season is great so far...I like that most of them are at Columbia, this cast is best when they're together and have common ground. Frankly I'd be happy if all the Brooklyn people just left the show and were replaced with new castmembers that the Fab Four met in college. Dan, Vanessa, Jenny...they offer nothing. Well, to be fair, Jenny brings drama, but how long can she be so stupid and angst-ridden? And yes, Blair told her not to return to the city but if you will all remember in last season's finale, her parents made the decision to send her to Hudson to finish her senior year, she's not just gone b/c Blair told her to leave!


I'll start with the good: Chuck and Blair's last scene was a good one and I can't wait for the hate sex to start. Those two have so much chemistry and sexual tension...they're great and i'm glad they'll temporarily stop trying to kill eachother.
I like the Juliet drama b/c it adds some mystery to the show. I hope they develop the story line well and it's not stupid when it all comes out. I like Colin (he's on Mad Men too!) and it's nice for Serena to be with someone who's Nate or Dan. Speaking of them, Dan offers NOTHING to the show. He and Vanessa need to be shipped off together. No one would even notice their absence. Nate only offers his looks. His acting is horrible, his character is an idiot and he is pretty useless. Jenny needs to stay gone. Period.


I completely Agree with Rinat.
This episode was very embarrassing. Absolutely nothing made sense and not in the usual fun GG way but in a ridiculous stupid way that makes you cringe.
This whole idea that some 20 year old from the upper east side can determine whether a 16 year old is allowed to live in Manhattan or not... seriously! Jenny has parents who couldn't care less about silly little Blair and her rules.
The revenge thing can be fun as long as its made with humor and irony but this is just infuriatingly absurd.
Also the writer's desperate attempt to recreate the tension between Chuck and Blair is a total fail. Chuck is a cliche of his former self and Blair is so pathetic that I have no sympathy left for her.
Together they are now as dull as toast to the point where Man bangs is the best character on the show right now- and thats saying something!!


Blake Lively's boobs are due to the skill of her surgeon....as are her new nose and lips. Google it.
I still like her though, and I think she was mad pretty before the surgery.


The best quote award should easily go to Chuck for telling Dan he'd let him get back to his Hemingway complex. Second place to Penelope for her love of bottle blond recon, because while nobody ever talks about J's horrible dye job, it was nice to hear the writers acknowledge that it looks like the work of a 12-year old DIY project in the parents' bathroom.

Anna maria

unfortunately, here in brazil they do a lot more than text from prison..


I loveee GG. All the episodes have been thoroughly entertaining. I LOVE CHAIR. Keep it up GG!!

Kimberly anne

This to me was the best episode by far of season two.
As much as I hated the return of Little J, I do have to admit that it was good having her back, to give off the good type of drama that people actually want to see. I kind of miss you Jenny :)
Dan and Nate seriously are worthless to the show now. Dan is out playing daddy to Jenny and Nate just happens to be the guy with a Dad in jail. These two are pathetic.
Every single dress that Serena have worn to any party, there is always a gap between her chest and every episode that gap seems to just get bigger. At first i find it annoying because its demeaning to the actress but since she's not that good of an actress I guess the stylist needs to dressy up her character so viewers won't ay attention to her.
Ugh!!! Can Chuck please stop wearing both hideous bath robes?! There is nothing attractive about them. Can he not wear a tux in his home. I understand he may have to wear it in other places but at least let him take off the jacket and tie/bowtie in his house.
I love the ending of Chuck and Blair. Best scene of the entire episode. They hav amazing chemistry. I almost cry when she shut the door, although Chuck was a complete bitch to her. I love Blair's dress at the party. She is soooo beautiful.
I can't wait for next episode. The promo looks goooooood. Chair Forever!!!

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