Gossip Girl Sneak Preview: "Easy J" and Tim Gunn!

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Gossip Girl is off next week, but it returns with a vengeance October 25. We know the drama will be in full effect because this episode marks Jenny's return to Manhattan.

Thanks to Chuck's meddling, "Easy J" gets an interview with Tim Gunn. If watching the scene below feels awkward, that's because it was, according to the fashion expert.

Jenny takes him through her background in this clip, hinting that she left town because of a problem with a Waldorf not named Eleanor but that it's all over with now.

Yeah. We'll see about that, J ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/easy-j-sneak-preview-1/" title="Easy J Sneak Preview #1"] [/video]

Jenny Humphrey returning to Gossip Girl: Thoughts?

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@SA12: You're aware that this is a TV show right? All fictional, nothing real, just sayin'... LOL


this scene is soo awkward. hahaha. At first i like lil J, but after what she have done with B, i don't think so. :P


Let me just say- I am a student at Parsons for Fashion Design and Tim Gun hasn't been working there in years..
The fact that this is going on air next week and Tim Gun doesn't work at Parsons let alone represent Parsons really pisses me off. The whole episode looks dumb and they are trying way to hard to get celebs on their show.


SPOILER ALERT: Haha, Jenny is going DOWN, and when i say down I mean straight donwhill rolling in her own blood and crying just like a newborn. What Blair prepared for Jenny is big, bold and perfect. Haha, the bitch's gonna get it. Rumor has it that B's revenge involves a dirty picture, a few blackberryes, and a missing dress. well, that's what I heard...


I hate Tim Gunn....he's so annoying....and a hideous actor. Diane Von Furstenberg was in Gossip Girl for two seconds and showed more class. Although I guess it's kind of stupid to compare him to her. Y'know what's ironic about Taylor Momsen? She's desperate to prove (not that anyone thought she was anyway) that she's not Miley Cyrus, who in turn is desperate to prove she's not Hannah Montana anymore, which was the role Taylor was up for....


I freakin love Jenny Humphrey!! She's my favorite character besides Serena. They're always changing, for good or worse but they keep us entertained and they're not boring in any way and that is what makes a show watch-worthy. But i also agree she should tone her behaviour outside the show just a little bit, cus i know she has lots of talent all she needs to do is focus a little bit more on her acting career, also look how pretty she looks without those raccoon eyes!!! Less is more.


can this website improve by adding 'LIKE" n "DISLIKE" button?? we need it people... for our freedom of 'AGREEING" n "DISAGREEING" on what other people said.pls.


They are both not particularly good at acting.... sigh.asd


tim gunn on gossip girl...this may just have to be my favorite episode of all time. he's the best on project runway and i can only imagine how amazing he'll be on gg. love u tim!!!


Seriously, I can't get over her hunch back!! UGH! It makes me want to poke her back in hopes of her jolting up straight!

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