Grey's Anatomy Couples Gossip: Calzona, Lexie, Mark & More

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What's the latest for Callie, Arizona, Lexie, Mark, Alex and April on the Grey's Anatomy romance front? We've got your answers here, thanks to creator Shonda Rhimes.

The show-runner says that despite revelations in sneak previews for tonight (brought on by Jessica Capshaw's pregnancy) Callie and Arizona are in it for the long haul.

“Their journey is going to be long and hard, but that doesn’t mean they’re not going to end up together,” she said. “People better just prepare for things to be difficult.”

Would she put Mark and Lexie in that same soulmate-type category, though?

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“No,” she said, before quickly adding, “That doesn’t mean that I don’t see them as two people who are going to end up together… There’s hope for Mark and Lexie."

"[However] Lexie has some growing up to do, as does Mark.”

Sounds like those hoping for a Mexie reunion may not want to hold your breath. Lastly, what about the new rumor going around about an Alex-centric love triangle?

“I honestly have no idea what [fans] are talking about,” responded Rhimes, denying that one flatly. “We have absolutely no plans for an Alex-April-Lexie triangle.”

Thoughts on these Grey's Anatomy romantic developments?

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Tweet by Shonda on 22 Oct: "
Lexie/Mark shippers...hold on. It's a'coming...." Though admittedly, with Shonda, you just never know.


Do anything you want, just do NOT Touch the Cristina/Owen realtionship. They are my favourite. I would prefer to see Callie and Mark it would add more depth!


@sonja yaaay im not the only one!


Lexie is an idiot, Mark is an idiot. GA should kick them out and focus on the fabulous 4 now. Enough with the trash. We need substance and good acting. None of lexie or Mark are good actors


am I the only one thats not exctited about lexie and mark? I honestly don't care about them, I think chris&owen are better...


mark and lexi are my favorite couple


....why do you know writers are afraid to get mark and lexie togather????becoz they make a boring couple...they dont have any substance like owen/christina or derek/mer or anyone else for that matter...they were boring to watch in 5th season and same now...if they get mark and lexie togather, they should end their storyline now.....making him sleep with random women and making her sleep with alex is just to tread water untill they end up togather....personally i feel mark is getting more attention than per character, he doesnt deserve it... think abt it..if he screws a random woman, you say he did that coz he is hurt becoz of lexie.....doesnt add up, especially when he screwed amelia....would you screw your your best friend's sis jus becoz you are hurt???? mark is a screw up and he will be...if you want him with lexie...go ahead...but dont screw up alex's life ..ok?? let him be!!!!


"...but that doesn’t mean they’re not going to end up together,�
Does it mean they are going to break up before that "end up together" happens?
I'm OK with the “People better just prepare for things to be difficult.� - as long as Calzona don't break up. I like some drama but they have to stay together, go through all these difficulties together! And I think Mark did change when he was with Lexie. They belong together too! So i have my hopes up! :D


ugh mark and lexi are my favorite couple!!!!


Mark and Lexie are meant for each other. Of course Lexie has some growing to do, shes all of what 25. And it is time for Mark once and for all to stop using sex as a way to cope with being hurt. I think they are made for each other and eventually they will be together. I never thought there would be a Lexie/April/Alex triangle, so I'm with Shonda on that one! LOL...I am definitely NOT losing hope in Mark and Lexie. This is my favorite show, and I'm a loyal devoted fan, and while some plotlines have completely pissed me off and irritated me, Shonda has always redeemed herself. I believe she has a plan for every single character, and we just need to hang in there.

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