Grey's Anatomy Couples Gossip: Calzona, Lexie, Mark & More

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What's the latest for Callie, Arizona, Lexie, Mark, Alex and April on the Grey's Anatomy romance front? We've got your answers here, thanks to creator Shonda Rhimes.

The show-runner says that despite revelations in sneak previews for tonight (brought on by Jessica Capshaw's pregnancy) Callie and Arizona are in it for the long haul.

“Their journey is going to be long and hard, but that doesn’t mean they’re not going to end up together,” she said. “People better just prepare for things to be difficult.”

Would she put Mark and Lexie in that same soulmate-type category, though?

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“No,” she said, before quickly adding, “That doesn’t mean that I don’t see them as two people who are going to end up together… There’s hope for Mark and Lexie."

"[However] Lexie has some growing up to do, as does Mark.”

Sounds like those hoping for a Mexie reunion may not want to hold your breath. Lastly, what about the new rumor going around about an Alex-centric love triangle?

“I honestly have no idea what [fans] are talking about,” responded Rhimes, denying that one flatly. “We have absolutely no plans for an Alex-April-Lexie triangle.”

Thoughts on these Grey's Anatomy romantic developments?

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I hope that she gives a try to Mark and Callie...
I love them


Sorry but Mark hasn't change, he is still sleep with anybody who look at him. Hello remember Amelia. Lexie is still immature, hello remember her going off on Meredith because she thought Meredith didn't care about her. When Meredith spent 36 hours by her side while Lexie was sleeping and committed to psych. So in my opinion Mark and Lexie need to grow up, before they get together for good. If MerDer didn't have an easy road to get together for good why should Mark and Lexie? Shonda and Co haven't put Mark and Lexie through the crap she has put Owen/Cristina and MerDer for them to be together for good just yet. Sorry Slexie fans but I'm all for Mark and Lexie to get together in season 7 finale or season 8. MerDer are no longer Shonda's punching bag, she needs an new one and Slexie drew the short stick.


i don't get it. why are people apparently losing all hope for lexie/mark? i'm pretty sure she knows people LOVE them together and see them with only each other. and didn't she just say that her saying no to the soulmate DOES NOT mean they won't be together. i'm sure she knows they belong, but doesn't wanna
offer major spoilers. she said they have growing up to do and she's right. and as someone said, we do need at least 1 couple to continue their on-off romance into next season. shonda plans everything. it'll work out. i'd love to hear, as i'm sure we will towards the end of the season, how she feels about the future. does she see season 8 as the end? does she wanna continue merder-less for a season or 2, or make a new show called grey's anatomy: the next generation hahahaha also, i'm excited to see the calzona stuff coming. gonna be great.


I agree with you Leni, me too i have lost my hope for a Mark Lexie reunion,i have the feeling that Shonda doesn't like this couple as she likes merder calzone and Crowen...I'm very sad because i think that mark and lexie are made for each other,he is changed in better when he felt in love with her and she is became more mature when she is engaged with him.


Lets leave my personal opinion for SR out...but come on you can totally get the different vibes, SR ALWAYS seems to be optimistic and assuring towards ALL the couples (MERDER, CALZONA...) BUT Mark/ just feel it when you hear how she describes them... I am sorry but I´ve completely lost the hope..I know that ppl will say that MerDer had to go through this trials too, but IT was NOT the same... alone when you remember how SR assured everybody ALL the time...and now every-time a couple has a problem or a disagreement, she calms ppl beforehand that EVERYTHING is going to be in this case CA..of course ML are no included in that .... sometimes i have the cringe when she says something because lets face it .... She only says that to make the ML-shippers keep watching and considering the show reached a point where it really needs viewers I guess its practical in her point of view...
LIKE her FIRST EVER tweet a few days ago to us ML fans that we should “keep watching because it a´coming�(her words) also i know that she always says that Lexie has to do a lot of growing up .....but i have to ask.....what the hell does she consider to be grown up....being just as fucked up as Meredith??...bc hell Lexie may have (HAD) a more positive view of life but that doesnt mean she isn´t grown up....or that she hasnt been through enough.... and i am REALLY sorry for this bc i KNOW how cool it is when a couple you love/ship are together and live happily ever after but say what ever you want ppl dont turn in to watch 4 giddily happy couple who are bond to be together forever and 1 couple whose is being screwed with bc ML are really the only one!... I have a feeling season 8 is going to be the last season...but if the sucky writing continues it may just be that the ratings will reach the low pint with an average of below 10 mill viewers(we already had a few 10.something million viewers ratings...)


Yep, M/L need to grow before being together. I still believe Mark would be better off with Addison or Callie. Thank God there won't be an April/Alex/Lexie triangle but I still fear that the writers will pair up April with Alex. Yuck.


I hope the triangle being ruled out doesn't include singular relationships with either woman. Although I preferred Lexie with Mark, Alex and April would be funny to watch, I'm sick of hearing about him and Izzie. And I'm glad Callie and Arizona seem to be staying strong, i really lik them as a couple.


I expected a rough go while JCap is on mat leave, as long as Callie doesn't do something that is totally unforgiveable then they will find their way to each other and I am glad and they have great chemistry and their love story is sweet.


Why do they belong together: The self-centered playboy finds his center when he’s with little Grey and she becomes less of neurotic mess. Sure, when pushed away he reverts to his old ways but once they get their act together they have the potential to be as secure as Derek and Meredith.—Abby West


I want the Lexie Mark reunion to take a while cos I want to be able to see a developing relationship in S8. With MerDer, Cris and Owen, Calazone all settled, there needs to be a newer relationship to watch. I'd love to see Alex get a relationship with someone. Not bothered about Teddy, Kepner or Avery.

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