Grey's Anatomy Promos & Sneak Previews: "That's Me Trying"

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The drama is really building on Grey's Anatomy. Cristina reaches a boiling point next week, as evidenced by these promos and sneak preview clips from "That's Me Trying."

Dr. Yang is finally faced with a do-or-die situation that forces her to rediscover the fire.

How will she respond? And will Arizona and Callie really leave for Africa as a happy tandem? We posted a photo gallery for the episode earlier. Now, here's ABC's first promo:

[video url="" title="That's Me Trying Promo"] [/video]

Follow the jump for a Canadian promo AND two sneak preview clips from "That's Me Trying." In the first, Owen has the team conduct an extremely elaborate trauma drill.

In the second, Cristina admits she's paralyzed by fear. All the time ...

[video url="" title="That's Me Trying Promo (CTV)"] [/video]

[video url="" title="That's Me Trying Sneak Peek #1"] [/video]

[video url="" title="That's Me Trying Sneak Peek #2"] [/video]

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@neens, a lot of interesting thoughts. Here's my idea: Meredith was a child of dysfunction so craziness is not all that unfamiliar to her. She seems to handle trauma better than others because trauma is not so foreign to her. Christiana stayed true to her science code during the threat of gunshot, (although, once again I need to point out Jackson's brilliant rescue during that scenario!) and finally(now)she had the delayed reaction to the reality of the threat and the realization that the guy had shot numerous people & held a gun to her head!! Shonda is being realistic regarding PTSD. To gloss over it would be an insult to people who go through this kind of thing. They're being very respectful & realistic in my opinon, too!


Oh, sh*t. Not Callie and Arizona splitting... Damn. Not good.


Ok, I meant to type "Alex"...


Ha! I guessed it!! Bad boy Alec and little pure April!! It will be cute and even possibly hot, like the librarian who lets her hair down and throws off her glasses. :) LOL!


Even though it is also hard for me to bear seeing Cristina like this and I often just wanna yell at her to just make a little more effort, Cristina`s PTSD is quite authentic and realistic. Yes, it does get a little boring at times. But recovering from such a trauma is not a matter of a few months. Some people may actually never recover... SO that`s why I`m glad Shonda decided to let Cristina suffer longer.
it will be interesting to see how the tension between Cristina and Meredith develops. Cristina was willing to sacrifice her life in the OR knowing that Mer couldn`t live without Derek. now she is in a situation where everybody else - including mer - seems to be able to move on from the shooting. But she doesn`t get better at all. That`s frustrating her. As she said to April, she is not used to failing. Cristina used to be a "doer" and now she`s the opposite. She feels completely paralyzed and powerless. i think the reason why she is bitchy to Meredith is not necessarily because she blames Mer for her PTSD. Maybe a little, but she knows it`s not Mer`s fault and that Mer would have done the same for her. The real reason, I think, is that Cristina feels left alone by Meredith. They are a team and they were in this situation together. But now Cristina is stuck in that dark and twisty place, while Mer seems to be able to move on from it...
I also think the tension between the two will show us more of Meredith`s feelings. She probably does feel kind of responsible for Cristina being like that and is frustrated herself that she cannot help her friend. We definitely haven`t seen enough yet of Meredith this season. I`m not buying that she`s over it all.
Moreover, if Cristina is finally able to talk about her feelings (anger, frustration, fear etc) even if she does it in a fight, that might actually help her to take one step towards getting better!? So the fight might be a good thing... I`m probably one of the few people who were not hoping that the aftermath and trauma of the shooting would be dealt with within 2 or 3 episodes. Actually, I would love to see more from other characters as well. Just getting to know that Alex went back to his old womanizer self and is afraid of taking the elevator does not satisfy me... SERIOUSLY? And what about Bailey? She denied her identity and claimed to be a nurse in order to save her life and later helplessly had to watch Percy die in her arms... when normally she is the one who kicks everybody`s butt. We haven`t seen a lot from her at all this season. What about Derek? he got shot... he feels responsible for the death of 11 people. Did he really get over that so fast? I don`t think so... ugh I could go on for hours...
However, I have definitely had enough of Lexie for now. She behaves like a kid on extacy and needs to calm down. Maybe sex with Mark would help!?
Anyways, my ramblings stop here. I`m looking forward to this episode.

Katherine salvatore

talking abt DRAMA! :)) gawd i love this show~! :))


I think it would be so cool to have Mama Burke show up at Seattle Grace for some reason and end up helping Christina overcome her PTSD! Their last encounter showed some real depth of character for both.


Thanks for that perspective, @ Sonya, I hadn't thought of that. Great will be interesting to see if it plays out that way.


This episode looks good. I think this will be the breakthrough episode for Cristina, she looks like she will be put under pressure.The training thing Owen isdoing looks good. Who is fighting in the first promo? The part when the red jacket is being ripped of someone? Is it April and Jackson or Alex?


I love Cristina with all my heart she my third favorite character of the show. But like the other characters in the past had frustrated me, Cristina is starting to do it with her unwillingness to get help from a professional. Ever since season 3 every season there has been a character that is frustrating to watch on this show. In season 3 it was Meredith after the drowning with her constant depression. Season 4 it was George with his whiny about being an intern. Season 5 it was Izzie with seeing Dead Denny and having sex with him and not doing anything about it for a long time. Season 6 it was Derek with him wanting to be Chief but not like it but wasn't quitting either, and now is Cristina with the PTSD. I never thought that Cristina would be frustrating to watch, and now she is starting to be. The reason for all the frustrating storylines is that the writers over do the storylines, they don't know how to end it in normal amount of time. I mean come on this a TV show not real life.

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