Hellcats Review: Girl Fight!

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There’s nothing like a Hellcats cat fight.

The latest installment of Hellcats gave u viewers everything we were looking for: relationship drama, awesome cheerleading, and most of all, cat fights.

On “The Prisoner’s Song," we got a little bit of everything. Marti’s school work led her to the local prison to meet with a convict, which led to an impromptu singing performance with Marti and guest star Ben Cotton. I know our girl Aly Michalka has talent, but I hope she doesn’t start singing in every episode (that’s what we have Glee for).

I would rather her singing skills pop up every once in a while so they don’t feel forced. It’s better to keep the performances for scenes such as open mic night.

Hand Shaking Cheerleaders

This episode finally did it. I am now fully invested in the adult love triangle with Vanessa, Derrick, and Red.

I guess it took them acting like children (i.e. punching someone in a bar) to get me hooked. Speaking of the punch heard round the world... I actually had to rewind my DVR to make sure Red’s head didn’t spin off after Derrick delivered that right hook. Here is hoping for some juicy scenes with Red and Vanessa to keep the storyline moving forward.

The majority of “The Prisoner’s Song” was focused on the Hellcats completing their bid video. I thought that the scenes of them performing outside under the bridge were awesome, if they could have hit their stunts. Dan Patch was right, it would have made for a great video. Once the squad pulled it together, we got to see the talented cast performing awesome moves that were insanely hard.

Having been a cheerleader, I can say that those stunts deserve a bid to Nationals.

We were pretty close to having a throw down between Alice and Savannah this week. It’s clear that Alice isn’t afraid to fight dirty, but I am not ruling Savannah out. She can be pretty rough when she wants to be. This rivalry is bound to continue long enough that we get an actual cat fight, and I can’t wait.

All in all, “The Prisoner’s Song” was a solid episode. Although there was no mention of the Alice/Lewis/Marti situation, we had plenty of relationship drama to keep us occupied. What did you think, TV Fanatics?


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I think the Marti/Dan "I miss having you to myself." thing was more about being used to having your best friend there for you, and only you, all the time. And now Dan has to split his time between his friend, that he's known since they were kids, and his new girlfriend. You can be jealous without having romantic feelings towards someone. Think of all the times you've eyed some chick's boots, or bag or outfit and had a case of the green-eyed monster. No romantic feelings there.


Don't DVR the episode. Watch it live. It helps the ratings and I know we all want the show to come back for a 2nd season :)


I liked this episode from last night!! I agree and hope that Marti singing doesn't happen every week... The adult love triangle finally kept me interested this week. I luved seeing Derrick get all macho and defend his woman, instead of being all sappy and weak... I missed the Louis/Marti/Alice triangle but I saw a bit of Marti/Dan (towards the end when she said she missed having him to herself) and that intrigued me and showed alittle glimmer of hope for a huge OTHesque (season 1 Nathan, Haley, Peyton, Lucas Brooke) love pentagon.... The law part of the show seems alittle out of place to me, like I know that this is what Marti was fighting for, but just to throw certain glimpses out of left field, like going to that jail, is pointless.. All that aside, really good episode...


what hellycat said... I would love for Marti and Dan to get together. He's cute with Savannah but they don't have nearly the amount of chemistry he has with Marti. I guess we just have to wait and see.


Love the chemistry between Marti and Dan too! Something we haven't seen yet!


loved loved the davannah... almost abhor seeing that last moment with dan and marti when she said she missed having him all to herself. triangle's looming.


ok i get it that aly michalka can sing, but so can ashley tisdale..doesnt mean she should sing all the time, although last week she was really goood..

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Hellcats Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Vanessa: I'm sick of the games.
Red: Me too, but you play the hand that your dealt.

See, the Hellcats are the Beatles. Savannah is John Lennon, Alice is co-captain so she's Paul McCartney. They've got this rivalry going that has to be kept in check or it could break up the band. But you, you're not really in the band. Sorry dude, you're Yoko.