How Long Will Juliet Stay on Gossip Girl?

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Looks like Katie Cassidy is sticking around the Upper East Side for some time yet.

Asked what the deal is with her character, Juliet, EW's Michael Ausiello says this:

"The deal is I’m hearing a major character (or two) will join forces with the troublemaker to take S down. Executive producer Stephanie Savage adds, 'A good chunk of Juliet’s plan will be revealed by the end of the first half of the season, but elements of it will carry over.'"

Juliet is Still There

Whatever Katie Cassidy's up to, we haven't seen anything yet.

A good chunk in the first half of the season? Sounds like this could very well continue all year, which would either be tremendous or a major letdown, depending on how well this plot line actually develops and brings the Gossip Girl cast members together.

It's also unclear how many episodes Katie is signed for, leading us to believe her tenure on the show is as open-ended as Juliet's anti-Serena campaign appears to be.

What do you think? What's Juliet up to and how long will she be around?

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@teairra989, sorry but I don't think Serena is getting killed off, at least not this season (?). Well, maybe she gets killed off in the last one.


Well, I'm pretty sure Vanessa is one of the main characters that will join Juliet on her quest for Serena's takedown (even though Juliet "ruined" Vanessa in the "Goodbye, Columbia" episode). Maybe Nate joins her (if Serena choses Dan over him, but I don't think she's gonna choose), or maybe Little J, for some reason. Like, if Serena gets back with Nate, then maybe the Easy J would want him for her again... No clue, but I still guess she's staying until a few episodes before the season finale, or she's unmasked during the mid-season finale (the episode titled "Juliet Doesn't Live Here Anymore" is quite suggestive) and then gets back to take S down in the season finale, with the help of Vanessa/Nate/Little J/Someone else.


@QueenB: I couldn't agree more. I don't like this Juliet, neither the actress who's playing this role. I want her outta picture ASAP!


Her brother is probably in prison because he was blamed for killing pete.


So hawt. She needs her own show. Major character teaming up with her? My money is on Vanessa and Jenny(?) I know they aren't on the show right now, but they are coming back in the near future.


i really don't like her


hope she stays around for a while!!! im really starting to love her!!


teairra989- I have a bad feeling you might be right!


the writers just didnt reach out to the viewers last season....


umm im so but the show is not boring without this gilr, this show is the best and awesome! J

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