Jenny Returning to Gossip Girl: Good or Bad?

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In our episode review and Round Table Q&A discussion yesterday, we voiced our opinion that Gossip Girl is officially back, and we're proud to be fans again. Most of you agreed.

Public opinion may not be as one-sided on the impending return of Jenny, though.

Between her role in ruining Chair's engagement to Taylor Momsen's brash, real-life persona, young Humphrey has been a controversial figure for years, and it's about to get even more intense. Are you looking forward to seeing "Easy J" or should she stay in Hudson forever?

Weigh in on Jenny below ...

J is Back

When you think about Jenny returning, what's your reaction?

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I think that every drama filled tv show needs a character to mix things up.
Many people don't like her because they don't agree with taylor's personality and the way she dresses etc....but you have to admit that jenny brings a lot of drama to gossip girl. If Chair got engaged at the end of season 3 and jenny didn't post that picture of dan and serena to gossip girl then season 4 wouldn't be as interesting as it is now.
I think that her character can be annoying yet Gossip Girl wouldnt be the tv show it is today without her mixing things up!!

Kimberly anne

That Bitch messed with Chair too many times so that Bitch has got to stay out!


It's not hating Jenny it's hating Taylor if it was someone else playing Jenny not as many people would hate Jenny. We need to be honest Taylor has ruled Jenny 100%


So I hate Jenny's character. I feel like she just doesn't fit in wth a group of college students. Her make up bothers me as well.


I love gossip girl again,
and I DO think it's better this season, and most everyone I know who are regular watchers of GG-- and some who have regained interest in the show after the utter fail last season- are enthusiastic about the old "gossip girl" feeling that the show is slowly regaining. I like Taylor Momsen's music, but I'm not a fan of her and I'm not a fan of Jenny, to me those long trashy extensions and those dead-f**k you eyes are complete reminders of season three, which I really really don't want to see resurface. Now, that being said, I'm watching with an open mind about her involvement in Chuck and Blair's war, as I believe that she, if anyone, is the main chance they have at some sort of understanding-- she is the most sensitive spot for Blair, someone that will bring out all of the pain and hurt all at once- I believe that it will intensify all the emotions and therefore allow Chuck and Blair's deeper emotions, both hate and love, to resurface instead of the slightly passive aggressive denying the love dancing around eachother scene they've been playing out. Now, once Jenny's played that role, I don't want to see her back with her lonely isolated teenage drama. I think the problem with Jenny is that because she's the only one left in highschool, her only relationship with the rest of the older cast that is possible is through sabotage and drama-wrecking their lives. What other role can she play? The only idea that I like is the old season one and two Jenny, the rather down-to-earth, sweet but clever younger sister who despite her good nature gets caught up with these dramas and on occasion makes bad (but understandable) choices.
This, however, is not a possibility, because it would be a complete and total rewind and is therefore inconsistent with her current character and wouldn't make any sense.
So scratch her.
Don't kill her, guys, that's just mean.
Just keep her at boardingschool and have a couple holiday episodes where she pops in to kiss her brother on the cheek and pours the syrup on the christmas morning waffles.


"Brash, real-life persona"? Have you even met her in real life? Because when I did, she was the sweetest thing and she was so grateful that I approached her. Maybe you should stop browsing headlines and believing everything you hear.. As for Jenny's return, I'm very excited. She keeps things interesting and although she does some very cruel things, I often find myself sympathizing with her character.


at first, I kind of hoped Jenny would return all improved and ready to be with Nate, but this promos are promising as well.. I did miss her a lot! :)


jenny makes things intresting, im excited for the drama about to come! but i hate vanessa wayyy moreee! ugh she shouldd die, that would be my second favorite epsiode! (the first being victor, victorla :D )
chuck and blair... i just love them! love the war so far :)
gg. is back baby


i have begun to really like Taylor Momsen cause of her 'fuck the world' attitude and a few of her songs.
but i fucking HATE Jenny.
She knows no limits man! she's the WORST gone case in GG, worse than even Serena or Chuck, because of the fact that she's so YOUNG. Get lost bitch.


ugh -___-
why don't they get rid of her and vanessa?
and maybe nate i liked her until she told nate about Blair and Chuck
she is an annoying little raccoon.


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[to Jenny] That's the thing. You need to be cool to be queen. Anne Boleyn thought only with her heart and she got her head chopped off. So her daughter Elizabeth made a vow never to marry a man. She married a country. Forget boys. Keep your eye on the prize, Jenny Humphrey. You can't make people love you, but you can make them fear you. For what it's worth, you're my Queen. I choose you.