Jersey Shore Review: "Deja Vu All Over Again"

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Jersey Shore's second season is sputtering toward the finish line a bit. Don't get us wrong, these guidos and guidettes have captured our hearts, but enough is enough.

An even 10 episodes would have done the trick in South Beach, especially with a whole new season coming our way this winter (they filmed in N.J. over the summer).

Instead, we get episodes like "Deja Vu All Over Again," an aptly-titled one given that the stories are basically repeating themselves. How much smushing do we need?

Rough Snook

HOMESICK SNOOK: Nicole longs for fair Poughkeepsie.

As usual, The Situation came on too strong, got shot down, then blamed the girls themselves, while apparently doing his best to make his housemates hate him.

Snooki missed Ryder and the life she left back home, even though she's headed back in a few days. Vinny's falling for Ramona. JWoww dresses like a stripper.

Sammi freaked over a comment by Ronnie (shocking, we know). Pauly's just Pauly. The gang set the house on fire, and made a chart of hookups between them.

It was as elaborate and gross as you think, making you want a shot of penicillin just watching. Follow the jump for some of the night's top Jersey Shore quotes ...

Snooki: That's actually one of my fantasies, for a fireman to, like, come rescue me, like put out my fire literally, with a fire outcome. | permalink
Vinny: This is the like the Guido version of The Amazing Race. | permalink
Vinny: I'm a little pot-committed and caught some feelings for her after all we've been through. | permalink
Pauly D: I was nice enough to bring two. At least entertain the chick or something so I can get it in. | permalink
The Situation: Yeah, I gave them the boot. | permalink
Pauly D: I need somebody that knows how to take one for the team or entertain a grenade or even decipher the bomb if one comes. | permalink
Snooki: One [fireman] is tall, tanned... and he looked Italian, so I woulda smushed that, yes. | permalink
Snooki: [Vinny's] like my big brother, I love him. But usually you don't have sex with your big brother. | permalink
The Situation: Don't come over somebody's house at f*ckin' 5am & expect to play checkers.
Non-DTF Girl: I never said anything about checkers, OLD MAN! | permalink


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daaaaamn!!!that girl's face is busted and (not just coz of the orange tan)