Katie Cassidy Speaks on Gossip Girl Character

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The mysterious Juliet Sharp has become a central character in the fourth season of Gossip Girl, with plenty remaining to be discovered about her true intentions and agenda.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Katie Cassidy talked a bit about how when we do learn what Juliet is up to, and why she's doing it, there's a good reason involved.

Still, she concedes that Juliet has a mean side to her. It makes you wonder, though, what her connection to the Gossip Girl universe really is. Here's what she has to say ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/gossip-girl-katie-cassidy-interview/" title="Gossip Girl: Katie Cassidy Interview"] [/video]

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@serenatemustcomeback I don't think anybody went to jail for the death of Pete. Serena's mom took her to see Pete's parents at the end of season one, and Serena apologized to them and explained the whole ordeal. It should've/would've come up if anyone did time for his death I am just going crazy trying to figure out Juliet & Bens purpose in the show!

Jennmo13 gg 3

you know i really like her on gossip girl! i hope she stays :) just not with nate. lol


I know some people dislike Katies character, but personally, compared to some of the atrocious actors gg has managed to use (aaron rose, scott, one of serena's boyfriend whose name i cant even remember) i think shes great! I liked eva too...


Btw katie's doing it great!


Love the Juliet and her mission... Makes me wanna see it to learn more of her and the "down Serena plan", Juliet has such a mistery very well develope ,so far,lot of curiosity!!!


My guess is that Juliet´s brother Ben, is in jail acused of killing that Pete guy, and she wants Serena to pay for what her brother has unfairly gone through.


She's damn annoying i thought she was gonna be on like 4 or 5 episodes and then out of GG?


something with her eyebrows are KILLING ME.

Elise of the upper east side

i'm thinking juliet was that farriman guy's (the guy in the hotel room's) girlfriend or sister or something and she's out for revenge.


Hey, just a thought: Maybe Juliet is after Serena because she (Juliet) had a connection to that guy that Georgina and S left dying in the hotel room (remember season 1's dark G&S secret?). After all, that kind of revenge would be legitimate, I think... Ooor, maybe her reasons are connected to Serena's past in boarding school from which she returned at the beginning of season 1...hmmm.

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