Lauren Cohan to Sink Teeth Into Damon on The Vampire Diaries

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Lauren Cohan, prepare to be hated by a large majority of Vampire Diaries viewers.

Much to the chagrin of Delena lovers everywhere, the actress has been cast in the key new role of Rose, a 500-year old vampire who comes to Mystic Falls and gets close to Damon.

The CW describes this character as a "tough girl" with a major edge, one with little humanity remaining after centuries as a blood sucker.

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How important of a character is Rose? She'll debut on the season's eighth episode. Its title? "Rose."

Cohan is best known for her role as Bela Talbot on Supernatural. She's also appeared on CSI: NY, Cold Case and Modern Family.

What do you think of this casting news?

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OMG BELA! (yay) firstly damon needs some love. as adamant delena fan, yes I gasped when I read this spoiler. but i'm interested to find out who rose is. is she older than katherine I wonder? did she know lexi? Maybe elena will get jealous and re-think not having the sexy badass (totally vunerable) vampire in her life? Who knows. But I'll be tuning in to see!!


@ Nikki Well if you haven't seen her, you could go watch some Dean/Bela supernatural videos (I've made a few) or season 3 supernatural. Lauren is definately interesting. She's awesome. I just hope they write her well so that she gets to really show how awesome she is.


So of course while I was scrolling down, I thought it said 'Lauren CONRAD' which made me doubletake in excitement and confusion. I've never seen this girl but I hope she's interesting.


Really, it's about time. As much as the writers may tease Delena, every time Stefan and Elena 'break up' they're back in love by episode's end, and this whole 'drinking blood everyday' thing looks to bring them even closer. And Damon is awesome, he deserves some love too! So why not give him a girl who looks like she could be his equal?


@MissyB_ : I like the way u think...Let them b enemies...
@Delena Baby : Cant agree more...
I think Its gonna b so much fun...Cant w8...


So excited for Lauren...I really hope people don't hate her on this show bc she is amazing! I miss Bela so much on Supernatural, and cannot wait to see her on another show. I may not watch Vampire Diaries, but my DVR will be set to record Lauren's episodes. Not that excited she'll be playing a vampire...but I'll take what I can get! :)


Maybe this will make Elena realize that she has at least some feelings for Damon? Idk.


So Rose is over 500 years old, which means she probably know Katherine, but is she a friend or foe and why is she in Mystic Falls? Since Elena rejected Damon, it makes since for him to get involved with someone else. Knowing Damon there will be another edge to it, such as getting information from this 500 year old woman. Damon will be perfectly happy getting that info "under the sheets". As a matter of fact, Elena may get a little jealous. Watch out Elena someone is trying to steal your "other" guy. Have no fear Damon & Elena fans, this will just be another hurtle on the way to victory. Kevin & Julie have heard the fans and there will be a romance coming..... it will just take awhile as Damon goes down the path of redemption.


As much as I want to see something eventually happen between Damon & Elena, Lauren Cohan looks like she's gonna be PERFECT for Damon - I can totally imagine them having good chemistry ;) :P but seriously, they should be fun to watch
PLUS, I totally agree with MissyB_ that she would be a great enemy for Katherine


OMG! This sounds kinda freaking awesome,, but I really hope that she has this fued with Katherine, I mean both are 500 years old and have no humanity;) Let them be enemies,, it would help Mystic Falls slightly,, I mean how bad can one not so nice vampire in Mystic Falls do these days:P

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