Lindsey Shaw to Compete with Emily on Pretty Little Liars

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Soon after Pretty Little Liars returns on January 3, viewers will meet a slew of new characters.

Tyler Blackburn will recur as a bad boy named Caleb, Alona Tal will cause problems between Ezra and Aria and now E! News reports that Lindsey Shaw will guest star on at least two episodes.

Lindsey Shaw

The actress, who appeared on the TV version of 10 Things I Hate About You, will portray Paige McCullers, an overly competitive rival of Emily who tries to take down this Pretty Little Liar on her way to aquatic glory.

Are you familiar with Shaw's work? Excited for her to come on board this ABC Family hit?

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I love Lindsey Shaw's work, she's a fantastic actress. I've never heard of Blackburk before, but I'm excited to see more of his acting.


i agree the show is amazing! and there bringing mediocre characters ( at least i know for the female role of the reval swimmer) (but i dont know about the boy though). they shouldnt bring people from cancelled shows because there's a reason the show was CANCELLED! not just cause of the story line but because they didnt act te part of their character correctly. i love this show but i hope that the new characters dont lower the show's ranking.


Can't wait till it comes back on! Oh such a good show!

Jennmo13 gg 3

they need to stay close to the books! why are they making up new people?? but i still love this show! i saw them filming by my friends house looks like its going to be good!


Yes I loved Lindsey Shaw on 10 things I hate about you and was sad they cancelled the show but is very excited to see her on pretty little liars


eh......not so excited. better spoilers and news on the show plz!!!


eww stop bring on boring medicore actors to play characters that weren't even in the books. a swimming rival of emily???? wow, what an intriguing storyline... not!


i love this show i cant wait till it returns but its like 3 months away! :/


Lindsay Shaw.. is she that one girl from that show "Ned's declassified school survival guide" ? looks like her. Anyways I CANNOT wait till episodes start to air


yayyyyyy i love her i miss 10 things tho

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