Look Out, Annie Wilson's Identity!

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Following a season that saw her cover up a hit-and-run while dating the nephew of her victim, life has been pretty good for Annie Wilson on 90210 lately.

But that's about to change, sources confirm, as the show is casting for the character of Emily, Annie's cousin from Kansas, who will arrive in Beverly Hills and set her sights on Annie's life.

Most notably, Emily will go after two things: Annie's acting roles... and Liam.

Annie Speaks to Liam

Any suggestions on who should take on this role? Visit our 90210 forum and let them rip today!

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They should cast Willa Holland for this role HANDS DOWN!


Ummmm ... question when did liam and annie get back together? For a person who generally thinks the couple is good, and is at the moment waiting for charlie's secret to break out. WHEN do we fit liam and annie in before this physco person or whatever arrives? Im agreeing with a couple of people that 90210 jumps plot to fast and lets no couple settle until a problem arrives.
Also guessing that the girl is going to be the girl who bought liam at the auction making connection between previous post when matt lanter said that girl would be returning, so she's already cast and not sure about her acting talent. xox


I can't decide whether I want the actress portaying Emily to be a better or worse actress than Shenae. I think I'll go with the latter since it seems that's the way to land a role on 90210.


WTF?! things became so nice between annie and liam and now are coming all those new charactors COME ON, 90210 is getting worse


sounds like they decided to have a Valerie type character.


Emily...Valentine. Wasn't she crazy? Something about those Emilys


just wondering when 90210 will be released in the UK dying to see it!!!!! xox


hmmm okay!!!! this storyline sounds a little familar???? didn't kelly go through something similar to this in the original 90210? pause.... yep she did. this should be interesting.

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