Modern Family Review: Halloween Hijinks

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Don't worry, Claire, your favorite holiday was a rousing success.

While the Halloween episode of Modern Family lacked an original title ("Halloween"), as well as an outbreak of laugh-out-loud lines, the half hour was filled with small, hilarious moments that make me wish I was a member of the Dunphys or Pritchards. To wit:

Scary Dunphys

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  • A few of the examples Jay gave for of Gloria's pronunciation mishaps were unoriginal (carpool tunnel syndrome... really?), but this storyline was paid off in full when Gloria explained why she hit Mitchell the scarecrow: He scared the baby cheeses out of me!
  • Did anyone else catch the name on a tombstone in Phil and Claire's yard? Rigg R. Mortis.
  • Loved Claire referring to Mitchell and Cam as "the gays" in her diatribe over Halloween, immediately followed by Mitchell subtly pointing the blame at his partner for their Food Network recipes.
  • I wonder if Mother Theresa ever was hot... nevermind. Sorry I went there.

If I were to nitpick, I'd say there wasn't nearly enough Manny; and what we know of Mitchell's new boss - he seemed rather laid back at the party where he and Mitch first met, remember? - would make me think he'd be all about dressing up for work.

But the best episodes bring the laughs, while also bringing this family together in the end. This installment accomplished both goals, while avoiding any cheesy monologue that sums up the evening's themes. We didn't need that when Claire reacted with such joy to her loved ones scaring away kids in their haunted house, and Phil realizing that, yes, he is stuck with this woman.

The same one who sleep hits him.

On to the best Modern Family quotes of the night:

Gloria: That doesn't make any sense! Who wants to live in a world where dogs eat each other? Doggy-dog world is a beautiful world filled with little poh-pees. | permalink
Phil: Tell me it was about booze, cheating, physical abuse - no problem. I'm a monogamous social drinker and Claire only sleep-hits me. | permalink
Jay: This whole thing is a colossal fog cue. | permalink
Claire: You're in a house of horrors being held against your will.
Alex: Yeah, I know, so why do I need the cage. | permalink
Claire: Honey, trust me, I'm sparing you an entire day of guys asking you if you have a rough tongue. | permalink
Cam: Really, Mitchell? The worst Halloween ever? You had squeaky thighs; I lost a childhood. | permalink
Gloria: A bruja is a witch! A gar-golll is a gar-golll. | permalink


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I really want that hilarious gargoyle mask that Jay wore! I can't find one like it anywhere.


how does the one cam said end that began with "last night's's craziness?

Jess gannon

I have never seen an un funny episode!!!!


amazing episode! i couldn't stop laughing! happy halloween!!


this show is the funniest out of all of them


Another cracking episode in a show that always makes me laugh.


I beg to differ about the lack of laugh out loud-ness of this episode. I thought this was one of the best episodes of any sitcom I've seen in a LONG time. I had to pause the DVR we were laughing so hard when Gloria said "I had your secretary order you a bunch of baby cheeses" and Jay pulls out a Baby Jesus! Oh. My. Goodness.


the actual word is rigor mortis, which is a sign of death. Causes a corpse to go stiff, due to the lack of oxygen in the body. I guess Rigg R. mortis on the tombstone (bodies are stiff there) is just a wordplay. I'm not sure of the meaning but this is the closest. Happy Halloween in advance! :D


rigor mortis, look it up.


i dont get the Rigg R. Mortis thing :S

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A bruja is a witch! A gar-golll is a gar-golll.


Can you imagine? One minute you're happily married, the next minute you're completely by yourself.