NCIS Spoilers: Team Member Will Be Shot!

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NCIS is off next week after last night's episode, but when it returns in November, it will do so with a vengeance in time for fall sweeps, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Around the middle of next month, a main character is going to have a nasty, potentially lethal run-in with a deadly weapon - a development that opens many other doors.

β€œThe shocking shooting opens a door to the past,” executive producer Shane Brennan says, β€œ[and] explains a relationship which has kept fans guessing for several seasons.”

NCIS Director Vance

How will NCIS Director Vance (Rocky Carroll) be involved in this story line?

The NCIS team member in question is either Tony, McGee, Vance or Ziva. It's one of those four, meaning Ducky, Abby and Gibbs are off the hook. But the rest is a mystery.

Who gets shot is very much unclear, but it's very likely that Vance and Eli David are heavily involved in the story line. Beyond that, your guesses are as good as ours.

On November 9, Robert Wagner returns as Tony Sr. The shooting (and its aftermath) serves as the centerpiece of a special two-part episode airing November 16-23.

UPDATE #1: We used "team member" in the same sense as "cast member," not meaning to imply that it isn't Vance (though it may not be). Apologies for the confusion.

UPDATE #2: As per Entertainment Weekly October 28, McGee is NOT the victim. That leaves Tony, Vance, and Ziva in the running. Also this is not a traditional shooting.

The person will be wounded not by a gun, but by an explosive weapon.

Sound off with your NCIS theories and comments below!

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Unless the true fan is a no romance fan, and then maybe they don't know what Tiva means. My enjoyment of NCIS certainly would be better if I'd never been subjected to anything Tiva. I hope it's Vance. Romance kills shows, and is so lowest common denominator that it takes practically no skills to write.


all this exitment then it turns out to be vance why bother.


It's Vance. The shooting opens a door to a relationship we've wondered about for several seasons. I would think if they were doing a Tony shooting it would have been the show his father was in plus their are so many characters with big parts in this show already. Vance, Ziva, Ducky, Eli David. Sounds like a lot to fit in a show. SB did say there would be a tiva moment but it's probably just Tony comforting Ziva about her father. Personally I wish they weren't doing the shooting and flashbacks of Vance. Sounds like Endgame to me. I'm hoping it's different then what they are making it out to be. Still can't wait.


if its vance its no big deal it will be boring


tkight, LOL! dont you think a true fan would know that Tiva means Tony and Ziva?
LOVE IT when people embarass themselves. ;)


It's Vance. I can't say that i really care what happens to him. For me he doesn't add much to the show for me. As for Tiva i am one of the few who do not want to see them together. I don't like Ziva character. Would love to see more of Tim and Abby. Mcgeek is my favorite character, love him.


I think it's already been determined that it's Vance. Rocky Carroll said so. I love Tony but in a funny way. Not sure I could take a serious Tony that would be depressing. We had enough of that at the end of last season. I love Ziva because you never know what she is going to do. Ziva in trouble, Tony as fat Elvis and Gibbs as Pops is my favorite show.


I think it would have been more interesting if it had been McGee. Tony and Ziva arc is getting very tired and predictable.


If it's not McGee I would think it has to be Tony or Ziva. Since his dad is coming It's probably Tony. Maybe they are gonna explain the trip (who slept on the couch?)


This is what I think. It's going to be Vance. These two episodes are Ziva, Vance centric and I can't wait. It's about time. I missed Ziva in the latter part of last season. I hope they keep the Tony character as his goofy self. If Harmon leaves then they can start making Tony more serious. No more injuries for Tony please. If I see him with a sling or another bandaid or opening up a letter and getting the plague I will scream. He makes me laugh, leave it at that. Poor Sean Murray gets no respect.

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