New Gossip Girl Sneak Previews: "Goodbye, Columbia"

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In the first sneak peek we showed you from Monday's Gossip Girl, Blair outlined her latest plan for Columbia and how she will overcome Chuck's enrolling at the school.

These next two clips focus on entirely different elements from the episode, entitled "Goodbye, Columbia." In this one, Serena makes the acquaintance of a new guy ...

[video url="" title="Goodbye, Columbia Sneak Preview #2"] [/video]

Hmm. Might there be some romance potential with this handsome Colin? He certainly seems quite charming. As far as Bro-mance goes, well, it's hard to top Dan and Nate.

Follow the jump for a funny clip of Nate outlining his night's plans with Juliet, and asking if Dan and Vanessa want to come along. Free appetizers will go a long way ...

[video url="" title="Goodbye, Columbia Sneak Preview #3"] [/video]

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Jennmo13 gg 3

oooh hes cute...jsut what serena needs :) Nate wont like him very much :)


People who are not from NYC do not realize how hard it actually is to find a free cab during rush hour, which appears to be the time of day that she is leaving the apartment. The one cab that I see behind this one has its "Unavailable" light on. All the rest of the cabs on the street are likely equally filled with people trying to get to work and school at the same time. You'd think it would be easy to find a cab... until you are in her shoes and experience how desperate it can be. The storyline here makes total sense how they fight for the same cab the same time of day each morning.


Wait... Is Serena's new boy toy Joanie's Husband?!


Colin is someone living in that same street, who has a different girl every night, but he sends them away in a cab everyday, at the time Serena needs to leave, so he steals her cab. She wanted to give him her schedule to make sure he would avoid times that she needed, but he does this on purpose;)


Serena, I know you have mental issues and stuff but there are AT LEAST 10 cabs near you.


I think the writer have so totally forgot that chuck and Nate used to be best friends are meant to be cause rite now it Dan and Nate which was already established in the season premiere with the whole serena thing I have to say I want to see more group interactions and less with paring off


maybe they are taken lol who is colin? the doorman? he gets people into cabs? why would he want Serena's schedule?


dude there are TWO cabs behind you.

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