Nikita Review: "Rough Trade"

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A lot of events finally happened this week that had been a long time coming: We saw the background of Michael and Nikita; Nikita finally got taken down (not for long, of course); and Michael helped Nikita bring down the Red Circle Triad, who was under the protection of Division.

My hope for Michael and Nikita teaming up is closer to happening now that Michael is learning Percy’s keeping secrets. Who didn’t cheer when Michael showed up in Hong Kong to help Nikita? Finally! Great chemistry again between Shane West and Maggie Q on "Rough Trade."

Leaving Her Mark

Nikita being tased really gave the show some realism, as I was beginning to think this woman was indestructible, and never going to be beaten, or taken down in any way. We were never made aware of if Nikita knows that Alex used to be a sex slave in Russia, but that fact that this episode channeled Nikita bringing down a sex slave unit in Hong Kong seemed to be very fitting.

Because Alex’s lied about her flashback with the fire, we never learned exactly what happened. I hope we do at some point.

Alex is becoming very sketchy... and I don’t like it at all. I started out this season loving her and having high hopes for her and Nikita, but she's becoming more standoffish and less open with Nikita every week, always going with “it’s all good," instead of telling her what’s actually being done to her.

I understand Alex has lived through a lot, but Nikita knows Division better than she does. Michael seems to be more on Nikita’s side than Alex lately. Granted, Alex was being held captive by Amanda for the majority of the episode, something she should have told Nikita.

This installment also earned quite a few gasps. Who would think Victor was still alive, let alone using his American family as a cover and running such a disgusting business? Amanda knows Alex is hiding something, and this woman is vicious. I feel sorry for Alex already, thinking of what she’ll do to get the truth out of her.

What did you think of "Rough Trade?" We've listed a few Nikita quotes from it below:

Nikita: I can't believe I ever thought you were cute.
Victor: I can't believe I never had my way with you.
Nikita: Couldn't handle me then, couldn't handle me now. | permalink
Amanda: I'm proud of you Alex; you really do remind me of Nikita. | permalink
Michael: OK, so where is this place?
Birkhoff: The quarters for the Red Circle Triad in New York. Not much going on right now but at night it turns into a pretty happening spot. Lady Gaga was there last Friday. | permalink
Victor: Nikita. I was told some crazy bitch burned down my factory, I wasn't sure. | permalink

Victor was running a business of slave worker, not sex salves... He was responsible for illegally transporting people to America who were made to work in sweat shops...


I just have to first say I love Maggie Q's body. She thin, but fit. Love her arms. Second, I had no idea that Michael was in on it until Thursday night's episode. Loved the flashback between her and Michael.


Yes! I think it was Nikita that was on the one who killed Alex's parents. How else would she know about Alex and know Alex would want revenge? My theory is that division will realize Alex is the mole, show her who killed her parents, then point her at Nikita.


Does anyone else think it's possible Nikita is the person in boots with the gun in Alex's flashback?


A long time coming? It's the 4th episode, not 4th season...


there aren't very many american-made tv shows/movies that have comprehendable "chinese" in it (ex. chris tucker's unrecognizable chinglish in rush hour). it's pretty awesome that maggie q was able to deliver canto some justice, esp considering it's the cw network which is kinda leaning heavily toward caucasians right now (90210, gossip girl, one tree hill, smallville, supernatural, vampirie diaries, life unexpected, hellcats)...


This episode showed that Nikita has a soft spot when she was undercover as the Nanny and was trying to protect the baby from Michael and Roan. Roan seems to be Michael's second in command and would like to see more of him and what his motives are with Division and Michael. Let's hope Roan is not on Percy's side and is just like the others and following orders because that is all he knows. Hopefully he sees what Percy is doing and sides with Nikita and Michael to put Percy down. Isn't Division here to help people in trouble and not destroy them but go after the ones who are.


I'm loving this episode, this show gets interesting each week and we got more on Nikita/Michael past and more deepen on her character. As for Alex, Lyndsy Fonseca really impressed me with her acting on this show especially this week.She owned that frantic/manic scenes, I don't know she had that on her(then again I've only seen her in Kick-Ass & Hot Tub Time Machine before). Ms Fonseca surely gain me as her fan after this. Btw, Alex not the only one hiding information here, Nikita also didn't tell her about the whole Michael helping her things, major information btw scene Alex need back up on the inside too. Personally, I think they're both hiding something and starting to not trust one another anymore and it probably only be reveal as a major twist for season ending. I'm looking forward for this.

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Nikita Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Man, Nikki's all hardcore about this huh? Kinda crazy how she's going back to her greatest hits, no pun.


Michael: OK, so where is this place?
Birkhoff: The quarters for the Red Circle Triad in New York. Not much going on right now but at night it turns into a pretty happening spot. Lady Gaga was there last Friday.