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This episode of Nikita squashed every doubt I had about Alex.

She is smarter, savvier, and more in touch with Nikita than I could have anticipated. Talk about some spy work on her part! On "The Guardian," we also saw Michael taking some authority, and Nikita attempting to same Emily from the same fate as her fiancé.

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I also despise Percy more than I could have ever anticipated. He has no regard for human life if it can’t serve him in any way, and even then, he pulls the trigger once he has what he wants in his hand.

Michael, on the other hand, is growing a bigger backbone every episode, and I can’t wait to see him finally follow Percy on one of his outings and take him out.

We got to see more of Nikita’s soft side when she tried to save Emily’s life, and when she spared Percy’s for the sake of innocent people. Guest star Devon Sawa mmadeakes for an awesome Owen, and I’m looking forward to seeing him and Nikita work together in the upcoming episode, as Owen is trained just as well, but is stronger than Nikita.

The only thing I don’t understand about Owen is why he fought with Nikita rather than going through with his threat to kill Percy. Looks like someone is struggling with what he thinks is right and wrong.

Who actually believes that Alex didn’t expect Thom to kiss her when she went walking into his door with that flirty face on? The chemistry has been building, and I hope if another smooch happens, Thom will let Alex finish what she wanted to say afterwards.

I will never get tired of Nikita’s faux identities. The way she gets what she wants, by acting like a scorned girlfriend, or like a visitor who just happens to be at the scene of a crime. The girl just puts herself into character, and pulls creative ideas right out of her back pocket. One of my favorite parts of her character.

This episode left me wondering:

  • Where is the black box?
  • When will Owen stop trying to kill Nikita and realize that she’s saved his life? 
  • Where was Amanda this week? That woman always has something to say or someone to torture.

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Ugh, I so disagree about Michael/Alex. She is NOT perfect for him whatsoever. Alex isn't mature enough to be with someone like Michael and the idea of them being together romantically COMPLETELY creeps me out, since I've always gotten this father/daughter vibe from them. Just because Nikita had Daniel, which was after all her history with Michael anyway, it doesn't mean Michael needs to have a love interest too. Plus, Nikita was only with Daniel for 3 months. So, I still have a hard time buying into how she was 'so in love' with him after 3 months. Yeah, no. I don't care who Alex is with otherwise, even though I loved her with Thom and think they had much more chemistry together than her and Michael, as long as it's NOT Michael. Eww, no! Michael/Nikita have way more chemistry together. They are smoking hot together on the screen every single time and belong together in the end. Just NO Michael/Alex relationship EVER, please! That is so wrong.


Last Night’s ‘Nikita’ featured a Stan Lee cameo


I absolutely loved Michael's face when Percy mentioned "Nikita's boyfriend". This new guy will surely stir up some complications for Nikita and Michael.


About comment above mine:
Shane's doesnt need fix his lower teeth...he's hot always...
Shane is so perfect.
People futile, are never good about themselves. About episode:
I wanted to see more scenes with Michael! Not enough Michael!
Thom had fallen for her, but hope she is not falling for him! I dont see chemistry between these two..sorry!
Since Nikita had Daniel and who knows who else she had. Michael was right that dates someone else too. And Alex is perfect for him.
It would even be an interesting and complicated challenge for Nikita.


The promo all week has been pointing out the tension between Nikita and Michael--if that's going to be a big part of the ongoing story, then that needs to be teased a bit more to us :) Also--Shane West, fix your lower teeth!!! I was shocked to see those crooked babies on an otherwise hot guy... Percy is clearly a sociopath, although a very organized one. If Michael eliminates him and takes over, what would Division become? Does it go back to its old reason for being and does Nikita return so her and Michael can be on the same side again?

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I go rogue, Percy sicks Michael on me. You get his personal attention.


Nikita: The man could not keep it in his pants if it was tied to his zipper, you know what I'm saying?
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