Pretty Little Liars Spoiler Pic: Just a Dream?

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We've already shown readers a promo for the return of Pretty Little Liars in early 2011. But this didn't reveal much.

Conversely, ABC Family has released a spoiler-iffic still image from "Moments Later," the drama's return episode that, based on its title, picks up right after Hannah got run over by a car to close out the summer season.

Is she alive? The following picture answers that question...

From Moments Later

What is Alison doing in Hannah's hospital's room? This must be a dream sequence... right?!? [Photo: ABC Family]

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Chair me up

another twist.. sometimes i get really confused with pll.. i think it might be the reality, but when she'll be telling the others no one will believe her, since shes just been hit by a car..
can't wait till january..

I am xoxo

i love hannah...=) aria is quite fine. in books this scene actually not a dream but a the plot.


Ahh! A is sooo creepy!


Wait for next episode.
I love them.


Please! Hannah and Spencer are the best characters! =D


Aria is the best character f*ck hannah


Hannah is the best character, the other three were so dumb.


Oh no it's real alright... nah I doubt it, definitely a dream lol.


*SPOILER ALERT* its Ali u guys!!! She never died.


hannah lives, nobody worrrry.and its a dream, it happened in the book.

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