Private Practice Promo & Sneak Peek: "In Or Out"

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On October 28, Private Practice will present viewers its darkest story yet - and this is a show that featured Violet's insane patient drugging and cutting a baby out of her.

This week, Addison is teamed with a new oncologist, Dr. Rodriguez, to treat a newborn baby with a tumor, while Violet and Sheldon visit some potential parolees in jail.

Pete grows uncomfortable as Violet tries to help one of them. Finally, Addison and Violet suggest that Sheldon could be the solution for Amelia's ... well, Amelia's needs:

[video url="" title="In or Out Promo"] [/video]

Did Amelia just proposition Sheldon for sex? Did he just say he'd think about it? Wow. Follow the jump for a sneak preview of "In Or Out" which Addy and Dr. Rodriguez clash ...

[video url="" title="In or Out Sneak Preview"] [/video]

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I've been waiting for an Amelia/Sheldon things since they first introduced her to the show. That pairing is the only reason I watched the show and the only reason why I'm still skimming the episodes every now and then. The rest of the pairings and characters is complete drama hell. There needs to be mild drama not extreme drama all the time. I understand the show needs high ratings but a lot of the storylines were too much and the way the characters handled things felt cliche and predictable.


Sheldon and Amelia?! That's awful!
Why, Amelia, why?


and Sheldon KICKS ASS! if you ask me he's the hotter of the guys, the confidence does it!:)


I honestly can't imagine what this darkest story yet could possibly be...


I agree w/ MissKitten! Loved Charlotte and Sheldon! Absolutely dislike the Amelia/Sheldon idea. Also didn't like Marc w/ Amelia. And Addie can't go for that new doc. She put her friendship w/ her best friend on the line.


love love love the show......but i feel a little bit like i'm watching my 12 year old niece and her friends date and break up with the same guy- passing him from girl to girl. except, these are adults and they all sleep together....eww! wouldn't that be a funny web? start with addison and work your way out- all the people who have slept together. that would be one TANGLED web!!! haha


Wow! Amelia just asked SHELDON to hve sex with her! Wow!! And he just said he'd "think about it"!! How stupid is he!?!?!?


I think Sheldon and Amelia will be cute. Never liked the Charlotte/Sheldon thing. It was just wrong! They didn't fit.


I admit, I liked it when Charlotte and Sheldon were together, never liked him as a suitor for Violet and this Sheldon/Amelia thing gets a big "no" from me, as well. It's just too weird...


They've really put Amelia and Sheldon together. NICE. *roll eyes*