Private Practice Review: "A Better Place to Be"

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“Your do-over is not with Betsey. It’s with Lucas.” - Coop, to Violet

The stunning Private Practice spoilers we passed along earlier this week prove that the medical drama is only going to become more grim as November sweeps near.

As we've frequently pointed out, however, this is not a show to shy away from dark stories in general. "A Better Place to Be" brought back a painful reminder of that.

Betsey returns to Oceanside. This is the same girl whose mother perished after a homemade meth lab explosion and whose father died in a car crash last season.

Violet's Big Move

How far will Violet go to help the daughter of a dear friend?

As if that weren't bad enough, her aunt says she can’t care for her anymore and bails. Just like that. Betsey actually asks, “Where am I going to sleep tonight?”

Violet offers to take Betsey in for awhile, a decision that may have clear long-lasting ramifications, but in the short term, goes well. She wants to stay for good.

This idea is taken very seriously by Violet, although Pete is hesitant for good reason, and Cooper knows there's more than a desire to help Betsey at work here.

It hurts, but Violet knows he's right about her motives.

The Betsey also situation brings up questions about children for Sam and Addison, and for Cooper and Charlotte, who wonder if they should take the poor girl in instead.

But when Violet comes out and asks if anyone would be willing to take Betsey, no one says a word. Nobody takes that plunge for her. It may be the saddest thing ever.

You can see how her heart aches as Violet turns Betsey over to a social worker, then tells her co-workers that they did a bad thing, all of them. No one can say a word.

Another depressing story for Betsey, but probably more realistic than if any of the docs had take her in. You wonder if this plot line is officially over, of if she'll be back.

The little girl has nothing, then had the prospect of a happy, stable environment presented before her for a brief moment, only to have it torn away once again. It hurts.

Regardless, it was well-acted and well-written, but painful to watch.

Addison: Voice of Reason?

Can Addison and Amelia save the day?

Speaking of which, Addison and Pete treat a pregnant woman who suffers from a painful condition that never shows up on any tests. What is causing the pain? Who knows?

Amelia. Derek's sister discerns that the woman’s pain comes from pressure on her brain. Pete is against doing surgery because of the risk, but Amelia and Addison want to.

Pete bonds with the woman’s husband, having fallen hard for a woman in his life as well only to endure impossible emotional situations. Luckily, the surgery is a success!

Sheldon offers to help a bullied boy named Kenny, and learns that the boy’s mom puts him in a new school at the first sign of trouble. She’s an overprotective single mom.

Kenny tries to commit suicide, leaving his mom a wreck. But Cooper and Sheldon convince her to let the little boy stay in one place, to try to handle things for himself.

It's hard for any of us to let go, but sometimes it's what we must do.

What did you think of last night's Private Practice? Do you like the new season so far? What are you most hoping for next? Discuss in the comments.


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Wow. Just wow. Dell has done so much for them, and if any of them were to die, and he was alive, he would have so quickly taken their child in. I am so dissapointed with them, and cried at that part, when they took poor little Betsey away. How sad.


I agree.I loved private practice when it first aired as I continued to see addison in the full spotlight.But she is so needy now>i thought this was soppose to be about her getting stronger after the divorce from derek but she seem the same selfish addison she was on grey's.SMH I was begging for addison to take in betsy she would have been the perfect choice as she is so needing to be loved right now.Her guy choices and emotional insecurities proves she needs somesort of stability in her life.I pray that this will not be the end of betsy's story and the writers continue to push her in the doctors lives so they can see there tru arrogance.SMH until next week


Laina Rose Rogers I think I agree with you! I haven't said that about a show before but I am getting tired of most of the people on the show. I watch mostly for it's connection to GA, but lately I feel like I am watching selfish smug pretty people? They don't seem to have real hearts. How could they not take in that little girl?? They all have means and ability.


I thought last night was so very sad. I agree with Violet that they "did a very bad thing". Someone should have stepped up. they are all grown adults. Its time for the child!


I am so thoroughly disgusted with all of them I don't know if I even want to watch anymore. I don't know where the writer of this article lives, but where I'm from, that's NOT realistic, to let your friend's kid go into foster care, especially when they all have the financial means to care for a child. As a previous poster said, life is unexpected and messy and you roll with it.


I wish Violet and Pete had kept Betsy. She was the only one really fighting for her and Betsy really deserved to be taken in, not abandoned yet again and ending up in the system. This girl is gonna have a hard life :(


I agree Claudy - I think Dell would be so disappointed & hurt. He worked hard to make sure his daughter was cared for and loved her so much, they knew how much she meant to him and they just turned their backs. I know they might not be ready for a child or to handle that situation, but was Betsey ready to lose both her parents and be put in the turmoil she is in? It's called life - stuff happens and you are forced to deal with it. I don't think it would be that big of a deal to take the responsibility of taking Betsey, knowing you are doing the right thing (unless of course if she started being the devil child, then I could see someone having issues with her staying there - but she should at least have the chance for normalcy after what she's been through). It was just really heartbreaking to watch.


Poor little Betsey. I hope that sense of abandonment she's left with doesn't see her growing up with a withdrawn or hostile personality or something. Seriously! I don't think even Violet believed herself when she was giving Betsey that crap about how she might have this wonderful family waiting out there just for "their own little girl". How realistic do you think that is for an 8-year-old? To think that they're doing this to Dell's little girl who he loved so much when he was alive......Dell would be turning in his grave.

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Where am I going to sleep tonight?


Your do-over is not with Betsey. It's with Lucas.