Rubicon Review: "Wayward Sons"

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Guess we had to meet Kateb at some point.

One of the most impressive aspects of Rubicon has been its ability to create a character, along with suspense borne out of his potential actions, simply by having people talk about him in a room. Think about it: all we know of Kateb (and George and company before him) was what Miles, Grant and Tanya have learned from a few files.

Yet the show has done a masterful job bringing this shady individual to life.

Katherine R.

On "Wayward Sons," we were introduced to Joe Purcell right away, and then treated to shots of him throughout the episode. Interesting to note that he seemed to enjoy typical aspects of American culture, from cartoons to classic rock music.

But not enough that he didn't go through with his plan to blow up an oil tanker, of course.

It's safe to assume we'll learn more about how this action impacts Truxter and his cohorts on next week's season finale, but I have a question in the meantime: Do you want Truxton to be brought to justice?

In an interview with TV Fanatic, Michael Cristofer (Spangler) said the finale's script was re-written five times and his character's fate changed each time. With a second season up in the air at this point, the writers are clearly torn about what to do with the API mastermind. I say he has to live.

Rubicon isn't exactly an uplifting show. It depicts a pressure-packed world that takes a toll on all involved in it. Wouldn't it somehow feel truer to the series if Truxton got away with his crimes? What's the alternative: Will uses Tom's secret clue (maybe it's in St. Louis!) to find a critical piece of information that brings his boss down? That would feel forced, and not necessary.

I wouldn't need a happy ending to be satisfied with season one. Would you?


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I love the slow pace of Rubicon! I wouldn't mind if the season finale didn't have a big answer or anything but just enough suspense to keep the fans watching:)


Found it! Whipping Post by the Allman Bros. Joy and rapture!


Please list the names and artists of the classic rock tunes from the Wayward Sons episode. I'm dying to know the one playing while the bomber was in his car.


Given that Season 2 is mostly not going to happen, I would like Truxton to meet his end, preferably by Kale Ingram. I love Kale Ingram! Hope nothing happens to him after that awesome scene between him and Spangler. But Spangler is responsible for so many deaths. And yes, in the real world guys like these often get away scot free, but it atleast in fantasy I would like them to pay for their crimes.

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