Scott Foley to Guest Star on Grey's Anatomy

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Scott Foley of Felicity and The Unit fame has booked a multiple-episode story arc on Grey’s Anatomy later this season as patient named Henry who, according series creator and exec producer Shonda Rhimes, “stirs things up” with Kim Raver’s Teddy Altman.

Are we looking at another Izzie-Denny thing?

“He’s very different from Denny,” she says. “But I guess in the sense that he’s a patient who comes in and has an effect on one of our doctors, I guess that’s similar.”

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How will Scott Foley stir things up on Grey's Anatomy?

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I would like to thank Greys Anatomy as well as Scott Foley for bringing this disease to light! I was diagnosed with VHL- Von Hipple Lindau Syndrome at 18 and since the I have had 12 brain surgeries,and a spinal, as well as several eye surgeries and ratiation to witch im now lost the vision in thr right eye. I live with severalleisons on my pancreas, kidney, as well as brain and spine.Im now going to be 39 and to see the disease on tv gives me great hope that it will bring awareness to this, i know several people have been getting friend and family to watch just for this story! please keep up the great just


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I absolutely love him. I can't wait to see him and it will be so nice to see him ok the show. No it won't be Denny and Izzie but Teddy and Henry.
I can't wait to see this development for Teddy :)
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Can't wait for this storyline! I love Teddy!


This is the guy from Scrubs who tried to break up JD and Elliot? Don't like him.


I absolutely love him. I can't wait to see him and it will be so nice to see him ok the show. No it won't be Denny and Izzie but Teddy and Henry.
I can't wait to see this development for Teddy :)


This is never going to be as good as it was with izzie/denny!


This could NEVER be as good as Denny-Izzie!!! That storyline is still my favorite part of Grey's Anatomy. I don't think I've ever cried that much over a TV show as I did when Denny died. Brilliant. That was one of the most beautiful, well-written, and -acted stories on television ever in my opinion. I LOVE Izzie and Denny!!! And to say that this Teddy-thing, whatever it is, could remotely compare... that's ridiculous.


The only single guys available in the cast are Sloan and Avery, and the cast is supposedly full. So a multi arc guest star as a patient would fill the bill as another unavailable guy for Teddy. Will this really be different from Denny if a patient/doctor relationship is frowned on? Perhaps this time he won't be a multi-millionaire, and won't be unattached, so that could be different!


Ugh! Shonda has written Teddy into a corner making her both redundant and unlikeable..not sure even Noel Crane (*sigh* sorry Scott Foley) can save her now!

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