Smallville Reaction: What Did You Think of "Harvest?"

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Unfortunately, our Smallville reviewer was faced with a personal crisis this week and unable to review the episode "Harvest."

That means it's up to you, TV Fanatic readers. Take advantage of this opportunity to discuss the installment yourselves, sounding off in the poll below and using the Comments button at the bottom of this post. We'd love to hear from you!

What did you think of the episode?

Lois Lane Shot

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God how I envy Erica Durance on that last scene ^^


Thanks for the name of the last music , I loved and I don't knew the name. thanks




Cary Brothers - Can't Take My Eyes Off You


Yet another stellar episode of Smallville. further evidence that this show is superior to anything on CW and deserves to be evolved into a metropolis series. the symmetry between the crazy omish people and lois ideas of faith were quiet strong and well written, the growing and evolving relationship between lois and clark continues to get better every week. Clarks inner monologue debating weather to be completely protective of Lois and his accumilation in trusting her ability to be strong and fend for herself when he desided to give up his whole being to her was very touching the two have fantastic chemistry. i thought the kid who played lex stole the show though his slip into the inevitable and embracing himself as lex was so well done the ending with his little smirk was pulled off to perfection i can't wait when tess finally goes face to face with Rosembaum (do it michael nobody could ever do it better, it was the role of a life time, at least give it a good send off). This show is so good this season is amazing and to be perfectly blunt is not ready to ride(i mean fly) off to the sunset. Give us a Metropolis series CW its your cash cow. by what i've been readying about nolan and snyders supes we're gonna be in dyer need of a good superman show to save us.


Who sings, and what is the name of, the song during the love scene between Clark and Lois near the end of the show?