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"Supergirl" seems like a rather misleading title for this week's episode. 

Even though Kara did return to Metropolis, wielding her powers in broad daylight for the world to see, this episode really wasn't about her - she served merely as the catalyst to force Clark once and for all to face his greatest adversary: himself.

Kara's arrival brought to the forefront Clark's long gestating issues of self-doubt and insecurity, which have been the Kryptonian elephant in the room for seasons now and speak to the reason why he can't fly yet and Kara can.

Kara and Clark

It's a simple truth, really.  Clark was essentially raised as a human, by parents who did their best to instill in Clark good strong values and a sense of self-esteem, but the absence of true justice in the world has the tendency to blind people to their true potential.  Ever more so would this apply to Clark, as he has abilities that far exceed that of a human.

How could Clark ever truly realize the potential of his destiny growing up within the limited constraints of humanity? Sent to earth as an infant, he has no memory of life on Krypton. Regardless of how much he has learned of his alien heritage, he still stands built upon earthly foundations, and these bind Clark inside an emotional prison, obstructing his transcendence from hero to superhero.

Kara, on the other hand, has no such limitations.  She was already a teenager living on Krypton prior to being sent to Earth as Clark's protector. As such, she was molded by the influence of the people of her home planet and developed her self-esteem based on that ancestry.

 It helps, too, that she hasn't been saddled with the notion of becoming Earth's greatest savior, the way Clark has been ever since first learning of his purpose several seasons ago.  Free from the restraining effects of self doubt, Kara is able to tap into her powers at will.

Therein lies the reason as to why "the darkness" that has come to earth - who fanboys know as Darkseid -  is so dangerous, and why Jor-El tasked Kara to take up the mantle originally destined for Clark.  Darkseid preys on doubt, and can evidently inhabit the body of any being he so chooses, which makes the super-powered Clark his prime target.

It may seem odd that just two episodes ago Jor-El was condemning Clark for having too much pride and vanity, yet now Clark is not fit to embrace his destiny because of his doubts.  Some of the cockiest people I know are also the most insecure. Usually when someone boastfully wears some special ability like a badge of honor for all to see, they're really trying to compensate for their own inner fluctuation and distract others from seeing their imperfections.

Return of Supergirl

I think it's funny, too, that every time Clark expresses his opinion about something, for example tonight in telling Lois - who seems to have no problems with self-confidence whatsoever - that perhaps the Blur should come out into the light, he's always countered with a more compelling argument to the contrary and you can see Clark's overactive inner monologue analyzing every word. 

He questions his own judgment and abilities, and until he can learn to smash the darkness inside of himself as easily as he does steel and concrete, he cannot stand up to Darkseid. 

Fortunately until he can do so, Supergirl is sticking around, (sadly off-screen, it appears) even adopting a flaxen-haired secret identity to battle the raven-infested smoke monster.  There are fewer than twenty episodes left, so hopefully Clark will take that giant single bounded leap sooner, rather than later.

Overall, a strong episode, although I would have liked to have more scenes of Kara being Supergirl.  I also appreciated the reference to Desaad in the title of the club where Lois confronted Godfrey, although I assume this means we won't see an actual representation of Desaad which is a little disappointing.

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Ouch from House! I enjoyed this episode, surprised you didn't say much about Ollie coming out of the closet, wonder how he'll react to the backlash that's sure to happen with all the foreshadowing being done in this episode.
My thoughts of the future of the darkness : It'll find Lex's clone, Alexander, and take it over.
Might just be because I want them to do something big with the cloning storyline, and the fact that I still feel Lex Luthor is Clark's greatest opponent.
Solid episode though, seemed there was a lot of comparisons between Clark's lack of faith in Jor-El/Kara and Lois' in Clark.

Matt richenthal

@Clark1250: The day you learn to spell, use proper grammar/punctuation and show an ounce of respect, we may consider HIRING you.


Last night, I watch Smallville for the second time this season and probably about the fourth or fifth time in 10 seasons. I enjoyed the episode despite the feeling that I do not understand the mythology. One of these days, I should watch previous seasons so I attain an understanding but not at the top of my list to do. The review was succinct and does not give away too much of the story so that a person who reads the review can still watch the show. Just as fans do not like it when a clip from next week spoils the cliff hanger a review should keep the same in mind.


There is a big difference between reviewing and recapping. I zeroed in on a particular element that stood out to me and focused on that for the review. If you want a recap of the episode, go here: BTW - it's 'hires' not 'highers.' :-)


You forgot to mention the best quality of the episode where Clark flew for the first time on his own! Gosh who highers these review idiots there not even good fans so they just insult the good qualitys of a show man I would love to be a review writer would do the job a million times better. I think it was one of the best episodes so far.

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