Supernatural Review: "Live Free or Twi-Hard"

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I’m pleased with the way Supernatural has been progressing. While the previous seasons had a relatively laid out story arc, (i.e. Find John Winchester, Defeat the Yellow Eyed Demon, Stop the Apocalypse, etc.), season six has left me wondering, “where on earth are we going?”

I’m okay with that, especially because the past four episodes have been moving the story along. Sure it’s been slow, but we are gathering pieces of the puzzle every time. We, the viewers, essentially have been placed in the point of view of Dean Winchester.

Live Free or Twi-Hard Pic

I know he wants answers, but nothing comes that easily. Besides, it would be boring if everything were spoon-fed to us.

This week’s episode, “Live Free or Twi-Hard,” delved into a vampire dilemma and right away the show began to poke fun of the Twilight franchise. It mocked out the characters, the actors, and the general storyline of the vampire romance saga with rapid-fire jokes.

Dean knows what real vampires are like and they certainly don’t sparkle in the sunlight.

It’s this public obsession that causes the real vampires to exploit the love for cutesy vampires in order to capture naive humans. The fascination with Twilight becomes a plot point and not simply one-liners for Dean. Clever writers, clever vampires.

Aside from the witty dialogue, the episode revealed that another Alpha creature is taking command and plotting something unsettling. In this particular case, it is an Alpha Vampire attempting to assemble an army.

Sam is so eager to find this Alpha Vampire that he allows Dean to be turned into a vampire. That small malevolent smile Sam gives is certainly cringe worthy. I wanted to grab a hold of him and shake some answers from him. It’s like he doesn’t have a soul or something.

Who does that to their brother?

Vampires on Supernatural

I was truly surprised though when Samuel Campbell called Sam’s actions into question. He seems to think that Sam is not acting normal either. Wait, I thought Sam and Samuel were working together? I thought he was a bad guy and cared more about capturing monsters? Nothing is happening the way one might predict. It’s like everything seems out of place.

Oh and can someone tell me what was up with that trippy psychic nightmare Dean had? Those twin vampire girls were freaky. Was that some sort of message or a look into the past? There appeared to be a lot of details that connected with the Alpha Vampire in the short clip.

My one problem with the episode is that Dean never really confronted Sam in the end. I was so prepared for a real talk between the two that when the credits rolled I sat there and stared. That was it? It felt like the episode was cut off in mid sentence. I can only hope that Dean has a plan to make Sam reveal what is wrong next episode.

Overall, this episode did manage to combine the classic action, humor, and dark horror aspects that I’ve come to love about the show. I’m just hoping for a few answers soon. Dean, step up and figure out what’s wrong with your brother!

Some of the night's best Supernatural quotes ...

Dean: These aren't vampires, man. These are douche bags. | permalink
Dean: Newsflash Mr. Wizard: "vampires pee." | permalink
Dean: Are you wearing glitter?
Kid: I only do it to get laid, man.
Dean: Does it work? | permalink
Dean: You go with Efron. I've got Bieber. | permalink
Dean: Try uh, Lautner.
Sam: He's a werewolf. How do you even know who that is?
Dean: What are you kidding me? That kid is everywhere. It's a friggen nightmare. | permalink
Dean: Look at this. Watching her sleep, how is that not rape-y? | permalink


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I think Sam made some sort of deal with someone or something to become a better hunter, and also maybe to get out of hell. I thought the first episode of season 6 was a little below standard for the series, but they tried to put too much into one episode. I like how they've slowed it down a little. And the mythology about head monsters is awesome. Definitely a good way to go with the show.


sorry, but sam *pretended* not to remember about the cure, he was clearly lying to grandpa, as he was lying to dean at the end of the episode.


I think Sam has Michael inside of him. Sam, Lucifer, and Michael all went into that hole. It makes sense that Michael would be the one concerned about being a better hunter and finding the alpha monsters.

Amy jackey

I loved some of the quotes they were funny. these are the ones i loved Dean:These aren't vampires, man. These are douche bags. Dean: Newsflash Mr. Wizard: "vampires pee. Dean: Are you wearing glitter? Kid: I only do it to get laid,man.Dean does it work?
Kid: I only do it to get laid, man. I really think sam is still posssesed by Lucifer. This episode was awesome.


I think Sam comes and goes. Someone or something is taking over once in a while. He couldn't remember gramps telling him about the cure for Dean. After the "smile" all of a sudden he seemed suprised at Deans dilemma. I see a possession storyline coming. Love the music, the one liners. Great Show!


It really infuriated me when Sammy stood by and did nothing to help Dean, I'm convinced that is not the real Sammy and now Deans knows it for sure!!! Stop by Supernatural Underground on Facebook and join the conversation!


wtf is up with the spam today, TVF??? Saw that smile on Sam and was f'g way...but yea, he let it happen :( I think Dean doesn't want to believe that Sam is evil; he wants "Sammy" back (and so do we!) There WAS a bond between the brothers--you could see it almost every time they interacted with each other, prior to Sam's demon blood addiction revelation. I think Dean lost a piece of his heart when he found that out, and has been trying to repair that hole ever since. They simply haven't had time.


I'm also loving the season so far. Everything feels fresh and not just a redoing of their old storylines. I'm getting a bit annoyed though with the Sam/Dean storyline...they're brothers, have been fighting evil for years now and been there for each other for years but supposedly they still don't really have a bond? The only explanation I would be happy with is if it turns out Sam is still possesed by Lucifer.

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Supernatural Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Dean: Try uh, Lautner.
Sam: He's a werewolf. How do you even know who that is?
Dean: What are you kidding me? That kid is everywhere. It's a friggen nightmare.

Look at this. Watching her sleep, how is that not rape-y?