Supernatural Review: "The Third Man"

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So, is Dean back to full hunter capacity? Sort of.

He's having dreams of being with Lisa still, as the residual effects of suburban life haven’t left him yet. As for getting prepared, the two brothers are on two different wavelengths. Dean is all about a couple twists, stretches, and some food, while Sam pushes his body to pull ups, push ups, and hookers.

Hookers? Yes, the changes in Sam are certainly becoming more evident.


On "The Third Man," the initial problem the boys face is a group of corrupt policemen being stricken with bizarre deaths: blood, boils, and locusts. The brothers attempt to find out who or what is behind the killings, but not before a little competition.

As Sam is driving towards the house, Dean pulls his car out from a side street and cuts him off. Just because Dean’s been out of the game for a year doesn’t mean he can’t mess around with his brother every so often.

It’s the return of Castiel that reveals the real situation behind the killings. An angel has stolen some powerful weapons from heaven. This includes the Staff of Moses, which is being used on the policemen. Surprisingly, it’s only a kid trying to avenge his wrongly convicted brother with a piece of the staff. What other weapons are out there?

When Castiel explains he must harm the child to discover the identity of the angel, Sam doesn’t attempt to stop him. He is just as determined to discover the name, but is it for the same reasons? Castiel wants to fix the problems in Heaven and end the civil war that is raging amongst the angels. What does Sam want?

Dean clearly is not happy that Sam is not agreeing with him and acting so differently. He is aggressive and often cold. The fact that Sam is no longer the compassionate, puppy-eyed, contemplative guy, does not sit well with me, either.

What is truly surprising is the fact that it is the angel, Balthazar, who is selling pieces of the staff for people’s souls. What exactly are souls worth by the way? Maybe if you collect a certain amount, you gain some sort of power or even a weapon?

Balthazar blames Castiel for the angel civil war. He thinks because Castiel rebelled against destiny, he could as well. In fact, so do many of the other angels. It’s kind of a heavy blame for Castiel, but I wouldn’t place it all on him. I’m sure though Castiel will take this strongly to heart and it could affect his later decisions.

Unfortunately for Castiel, the archangel Raphael is also seeking Balthazar. If he recovers the weapons, he can use them to gain control of Heaven and set the apocalypse back on track.

Why is that angels love to wear suits? Do they just like looking super professional all the time? Maybe they simply want the cover of GQ Magazine.

Raphael kicks the crap out of Castiel. Luckily, Balthazar is there to save him by using another weapon of heaven, a stone that turns people into pillars of salt if they look at it. The angel problem is definitely just getting started.

The title of the episode, “The Third Man,” intrigued me. In fact, this is also the title of a 1949 British film about the broken city Vienna recovering from World War II. Sound familiar, Heaven? The story goes on to illustrate that the main character is looking for an old friend who wants him to work with him. It is learned that this old friend has faked his death and committed atrocious crimes. The main character attempts to stop him and is forced to kill him. Could this be paralleled even further down the line? Might Dean be forced to kill Sam or even more likely Samuel Campbell?

I’m glad the angel storyline is continuing but with a twist. Plus the fact that it finally brought back Castiel, a great addition to the cast, made it that much better. I admit this season was slow out of the starting gate, but the development of major storylines hasn’t really faltered.  I’m hoping Dean can discover some answers as to what has happened to his brother because I’m starting to think maybe Lucifer never truly left him at all. This season is certainly gearing up for something big.

Do you like how the season is going so far? Do we deserve some answers or is it nice that things are slowly progressing forward?


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I'm just not sure they should have done a season 6 at all. I don't know if it's because I've gotten used to very high quality episodes but it seems like the executives are just trying to squeeze some extra money out of the show with a sixth season. The episodes are okay, but the Apocalypse... again? Did they run out of ideas? Last year I was expecting the Apocalypse, they'd been teasing us about it in interviews for two years but all I got was the cliché ending with the hero taking the swan dive and no angel/demon fights. No bleeding skies. Nothing. And now it's on again? I do like the war in Heaven idea though. For control of Heaven? Nice one! For the Apocalypse, I'll pass. Also is it just me? Cauz I find that I've been a Sam hater since season 4. Didn't think it would happen. But he seems to think he's so ritcheous and always so convinced that his choices are the best/right ones. If he's so right why does he keep lying through his teeth? Hasn't he learned anything? This year he might actually have an excuse for it if he came back part evil but come on! He's been acting like this for a while. Trusting the dark, shady guys and doubting his brother. First drinking Demon blood and stupidly thinking that Ruby was honest with him, then being sort of jealous that Dean was the chosen one and wanting to do Dean's job cauz he thought only he could do it. Thinking Dean weak. And now implying that he's stronger than Dean because Dean gave in when he was tortured. I miss Sammy! I'd like to see John Winchester again just to give Sam a slap on the back of the head! He needs it. I do like the fact that there seems to be a new bad guy. Who was Granpa on the phone with? Could it be Adam? I really didn't like the character all that much but one has to wonder if the cage was opened to let Sam out somehow, what happened to Adam? Or could it be that antichrist kid? Cas and Bobby are back! Yay! That alpha was really something too, they can't always catch the bad guy. I like that about the show. I'd like to see an episode with the guys calling Bobby for answers and Bobby being in a hurry, then getting Bobby's voicemail, then hearing weird noises and heavy breathing in the background, followed by a Bobby only episode with Bobby on a hunt and trying to bag the monster with the guys calling all the time, putting him in tight spots. Saving the world two hunts at a time. Bobby can pull it off. Bobby rocks!


@shannon-i disagree about john winchester...don't get me wrong he was a great character who helped in explaining the boys past and why they do what they do but honestly whenever he was around i couldn't stand the way he always talked down to dean and made him always second guess himself


I just love Supernatural. When the Hell is Bobby coming back? :)


Someone here said Sam's whining. No he's not, not this season. Dean is whining more at the moment. While I do agree that I like old Sam better, he's obviously this way for a reason. Either it had something to do with his reaction to hell or maybe Lucifer is still playing a part although I'm doubting that. I think they are changing him to try to keep a storyline going. I'm sure as time goes on he'll start returning to old Sammy a little. What I wonder if why the hell would Lisa just let Dean go off and be like oh come visit when you can. Does this mean they can't see other people? Are they allowed to have flings or are they still a solid couple? Probably not for long. LOL.
I hope they get rid of the Winchester's extended family. I don't like any of them. If they are going to work with anyone once in a while, let it be Bobby and Cas.
Ok, so has anyone else wondered why they'd bring the character of Samuel Campbell back but not John Winchester himself? I'm sure it has something to do with the actor not being able to come back but seriously, doesn't anyone else think that John should've been brought back instead?


TEAM DEAN WINCHESTER! seriously enough whining from sam already. so happy that castiel is back. interesting stroylines, can't wait to see where this leads.


I read somewhere that Samuel is not all he is portrayed to be, so maybe his death IS in the future. The movie, The Third Man, was a great flick with Orson Welles and Joseph Cotten. It was only at the end that the discovery of the deception and faked death was discovered. In our episode, that can point in a number of directions, IF we don't perceive the title to only refer to this one episode. Dean's trip to hell had some profound effects on him. Perhaps, we are experiencing similar effects on Sam--they would both react differently to the experience, of course, as they are two very different personalities to start with :)


It is rich to claim that Sam should hit Cas in the face for not answering him. What do you suggest Dean should do to Sam, who kept his ressurection a secret for a year, then? I really dislike Sam more and more. If it wasn`t for Dean, by the fabulous Jensen, I would have left the show after Swine song.

Sp mckenna

@ Bens Halloween Mask - I agree with you about the Cas and Balthazar relationship being more in line, I didn't ultimately think of that. I was thinking about how the Samuel Campbell storyline will mix with this angel one. @ Rylin - Hasn't Cas always kinda been pompous and out of touch with human emotion? I'm pretty sure I'd be stressed out and distracted if I had to deal with a broken and rebellious Heaven. But yeah, he definitely should have answered Sam when he came back. After all, Sam did stop the apocalypse. @Wendigo - Do I like that Sam has changed? No. Do I think its good for the storyline and his character? Yes. Characters are always changing, learning, and developing. If that didn't happen the story would become monotonous and people would complain nothing new is happening. If you want the old Sam back, do you mean the Sam that was going to college to become a lawyer? It was being forced back into the hunting world that changed Sam into becoming more interested in his family and the supernatural. That being said, I am certainly looking forward to finding out what is wrong with him because everyone's roles seemed to have changed, including Dean's. It just happens to be Dean who is the first to start working to get back to his old hunter ways.


"The story goes on to illustrate that the ...old friend has faked his death and committed atrocious crimes. .... Could this be paralleled even further down the line? Might Dean be forced to kill Sam or even more likely Samuel Campbell?"
I'm pretty sure the 'third man' is referring to Cas. And thats in toe with Cas' and Balthazaars' relationship... and his faked death. ??
And true. it is awesome to have Cas back. TBH I wasnt the biggest fan of the Angel/apocolypse storyline(maybe cause my brother was so into he took the attention away from the brothers) BUT I did start to LOVE it after season 5. But then after they said that that story Arcs OVER- i was happy about it. So this ep leaves me wondering if theyre bringing that back. I mean we usually come into a season having a good guess at what the major story arc is... but until this episode i was pretty much going 'wtf is going on?'. So yeah. Season 6 started of really wierd for me and im still waiting for it to really prove itself in being that awesome show we knew and loved.. but i think its getting there. and yes. I hated Sams car... and how hes changed. I consider myself a Dean fan... but im still pissed at Sam (or more, the writers and how theyve changed him) I WANT SAMMY BACK!


Sam should have hit Castiel in the face for ignoring him, I mean Sam proved himself over and over last season if he hadn't gone to hell there wouldn't be a heaven left for Cas to lead so pompously. He can get over himself. I really dislike that character.

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