Taylor Momsen Flashes Crowd in Concert

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Taylor Momsen really knows how to push the envelope. Just days away from her return to our favorite show in "Easy J," the part-time rocker is making waves once again.

This case is a bit extreme, even by her standards, as the Gossip Girl star opened her shirt and flashed her breasts ("covered" by pasties) at a rock show in NYC last night.

Make no mistake, this was no invasion of her privacy by paparazzi. This was Taylor Momsen making darn sure everyone saw her topless at the Pretty Reckless concert:

Taylor Momsen Flashes Crowd

OMFG: That doesn't even do justice to Taylor these days.

Pretty crazy stuff. She certainly doesn't hold back, whether you love her or hate her, she's carving her own path. Follow a video of Taylor's topless flashing antics ...

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I have to agree with duchgirl.
Why is people upset about this? It wasn't unexpected, I guess. We saw some crazy moments from her, and maybe, it's a bit too much, even for her, but come on... It's their world. Today people shouldn't be so shocked about this, it happens to people like her on stage, almost everyday...
It's obvious that she's going down, she'll be a junkie trash, forgotten by everyone after a few years. She's going on the right way to that...
Nothing more I can say about this. She's Taylor Fucking Momsen.


Why is everyone so upset and acting all puritan? First of all, it's just breasts. All women have them. We've all drunk from them when we were babies. They're normal. Secondly, if you watch the clip of her "flashing" you can see that it is just a small moment, she's not making a show out of it, it's just a moment in which she lets herself go. And most importantly, she is on stage. Showing your breasts in public like on the sidewalk is not normal in my idea, but she is a performer on a stage and that's a different world. It's where you should be able to freely express yourself without a bunch of moralists critisizing your every move. I mean come on, she's just doing what she feels like doing and surely means no harm to this planet. (Again, it's just breasts!) And on this site we are all watching Gossip Girl which is a show about people who constantly break the rules and whose behaviour can hardly be called exemplary !


TAYLOR MOMSEN IS NOT ROCK AND ROLL. SHE'S JUST TRASHY. "Make [Me] Want To Die" is a horrible song and I've had enough of this teenage fool walking around shaming the name of female rock stars. They've worked too hard to earn some respect in a male dominated industry and Taylor's "little" show sets them back. Thank you for that!! This is what I keep trying to say is the problem with Taylor; she doesn't see how her acting like she's wise beyond her age is actually only showing her immaturity and lack of understanding of anything to do with rock and roll. She can do whatever she wants, and if people actually thinks her lack of self-awareness is courageous or something, then so be it. But she is not by any means nearly as talented as people make her. In her acting, I don't see Jenny or Taylor separated at all, and anyone could just as easily replace her. Having a voice doesn't make one necessarily talented- there are plenty of girls with a voice. It's being able to make someone move that lends creditability to your talent.


i feel like im watching amanda fucking palmer... only blonde and less cooler.
but this boob flashing the audience thing is ok... she have pasties on her nips anyway. i know that she can do whatever the hell she wants cause it's her life she's ruining anyways but in a way, im a bit disappointed. she was once so cute and nice. now she's all naughty and whorish. i really really wonder where the hell her parents are?! tell me they are either dead or uncaring cause no sane parent will approve of this. unless this is all because of the Holywood trend to raise your kids. is she friends with LiLo?


"She's pushing it, i'm done... I agree!!!!! She is way to young! She should've at least waited until she was eighteen, or change her image gradually!


She's pushing it, i'm done...


sorry for the errors! i meant to say off her rocker and shes not rock and roll


Dude this girl is of her rocker, this is not not and roll, the music and lyrics are freakin ridiculous, she mumbles instead of singing, AND WHAT IF THERE WAS A CHILD IN THE AUDIENCE! I know she doesnt want to be a role model, but she does have to think of others instead of her image. Which in her opinion in hard rock, but in our opinion is trashy and cheap and will end her up as some playboy bunny or some jerks mistress! BTW Make You Wanna Die is plain out stupid!


cheap, trashy, trainwreck taylor momsen.
and people hate miley cyrus??? that girl has more values than taylor.


Oh please. Stop being so uptight. Crazier shit has happened on rock concerts, believe you me.


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