Taylor Momsen Gets Into the Halloween Spirit

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Tuesday in West Hollywood, 17-year-old Gossip Girl star and Pretty Reckless singer Taylor Momsen was spotted dressed up for Halloween ... or any other night out for her, honestly.

Further comment rendered unnecessary ...

Goin' Goth

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ALL i have to say is WTF!!!
Is she seriously wearing that...She is just a bitch, no lie!
She is just f*cking 17 years old!
all the popular girls didn't even wear stuff like that, and i have a sharp memory because I was 17 only 3 years ago...
Being famous and 17 is not THAT hard...I was/still am a model in my country for Chanel Germany....I dont even wear lingerie for it....


She is crazy slut and a whore!

Al in germany

Did I just read someone recommending the use of violence on Taylor in order to make her dress differently? The mind really does boggle sometimes. It would be nice if the Taylor haters could get a wee sense of perspective.


The way Taylor Momsen dress does not irritate me as much as the way Vanessa does. Vanessa's outfits are so ugly and out-dated! At least Taylor represents some sort of new trend!


I love her!


I am one for Expressing yourself and Dressing however you want, but Come on!!!!!! You can make a statement and express yourself with some fucking clothes on, Does she not realize she probably is giving 45 year old men who live at home with mom a Boner?? && They are probably going to start harrassing her & stalking her, and she will come out with " I don't know why they won't leave me alone??!" She is 17 and obviously has no self respect. I can understand being all Rebel and Punk ( I was that way in high school) But flashing your boobs and wearing only underwear when your not even old enough to buy cigarettes?? I am sorry but she is a bad image for Gossip Girl. And for whoever is comparing her to GAGA- Lady Gaga was a stripper and is not 17 years old. She is a grown ass women, unlike Taylor who needs a Parental Figure to Smack the shit out of her, maybe then she will act mature and not look like a dead hooker.


its chuckys bride lmao!!!!


i really hope someone tells her that she looks like who walked out from dawn of the dead. in other words a zombie


"She just looks bad. I know she's trying to make a statement, but really she just looks like a corpse. Ew. " - Samantha Totally agree with you...but geez, what kind of serious statement could a 17-year-old,extremly teenage-like behaving possibly make???? I'm far from being prude, she can wear whatever she wants for all I care, but seriously, can't she realize how pathetic and ridiculous she is? I'm not outraged about her...I'm just SOOO rolling my eyes. Little J indeed.


TAYLOR MOMSEN PWNS. Not a fan of the boots though :P


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