The Big Bang Theory Review: "The Zazzy Substitution"

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Three weeks into The Big Bang Theory's new Thursday season and the show continues to revolve around one character: Sheldon.  While Sheldon has always been an integral, hilarious part of the show, ever since his Emmy and the move to Thursday nights, he's become the show.

The Zazzy Substitution Scene

So what crazy adventures did our favorite physicist get into last night?  Last night he broke up with his "girlfriend," Amy (Mayim Bialik), and, of course, bought an a clowder of cats.  LOL.

We get that the premise was designed to be as cliche as possible.  Isn't it hilarious that a genius would deal with the breakup the same way as the rest of us?  Cats!  And because he's Sheldon, he wouldn't just buy one or two, he'd buy a glaring of them!

While we can suspend most belief with Sheldon, we have to ask, why would a man with asthma and a specific rule in the Roommate Agreement, "Pets are banned under the roommate agreement, with the exception of service animals“ like cybernetically-enhanced helper monkeys," buy cats?

Okay, fine, it's a sitcom and he's Sheldon. But as this show becomes the Sheldon show, will premises keep getting more ridiculous and less believable?  See last week's episode.  Luckily, "The Zazzy Substitution" still had plenty of laughs and even Raj was given some beers so he could participate in conversations.

We were some of Amy's biggest fans when she first appeared, but each week, she continues to act more and more like an angry Sheldon and we're getting over her quickly.  Part of us was rooting for that breakup to stick.

Now for our favorite Big Bang Theory quotes from the episode:

Sheldon: One has to navigate a labyrinth of social nonsense before one could be fed here
Amy: Really? I assumed an establishment named Cheesecake Factory would function more efficiently.
Sheldon: It's how they lure you in. I believe it's called, "bait and switch." | permalink
Penny: God, he's an ass when he drinks.
Wolowitz: He's an ass when he doesn't. You just don't hear it. | permalink
Leonard: So, this is nice. First time we've all gotten together to eat.
Amy (to Sheldon): You're right. He's a festival of humdrum chitchat.
Leonard: Okay, that's all I got. Howard, you're up.
Wolowitz: Um, tell us about your work, Amy.
Amy: I doubt you'd understand. Sheldon tells me you only have a master's degree.
Wolowitz: Raj, do you have any questions for Amy? | permalink
Leonard: Did you guys see the paper in the American Physics Journal on supersolids? It's pretty interesting. This guy's working from a hypothesis which ...
Raj: Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert!
Leonard: What?
Raj: Don't ruin it for me, man! I printed out a PDF to read on the potty. | permalink


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Sue Ann, I completely agree with you. Especially about MASH because that is my favorite TV show of all time. A sit com, or a dramatic comedy has to have a good ensemble. If one character becomes the only focus it falls flat because we lose the interaction that made the show so lovable. MASH made us care about all the characters, not just Hawkeye. Allan Alda knew that, hence why he was so successful as a writer and director as well as being the lead actor. By the time Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen rolled around we cared what happened to these characters. All of them. Big Bang Theory has the ground work to make a great sit com but we need the guys going back to their first love, science and comic books. Especially Leonard, I mean come on! The guy shouldn't be defined solely by his relationship with Penny. Lets have the gang at the comic shop or working on an actual science project. I loved the part when they are trying to bounce a laser off the moon together.

Sue ann

I agree with Chuck. I've seen a lot of shows over the decades start funny, have a breakout character, change to concentrate only on that character, and thus destroy the true humor in the premise. The Urkel show. The JJ show. The show with Todd Bridges playing Willis. A really great show, with staying power, is like M*A*S*H. All the characters get equal shrift, and grow, and time passes. Characters who are one dimensional, like Frank Burns, leave. I think it is incredibly foolish of the production company which makes this show to make it one dimensional, but I fear that is what they have in mind. TV execs have been doing a lot of stupid things the last couple of years. Jay Leno being forcibly retired and the tiresome Conan O'Brien being given his show. Almost all female characters being eliminated from Criminal Minds. Making this show less rather than more than it can be. Clearly, there is no intelligence test to make television shows. Stephen J. Cannell would have known better...... Rest in peace, sir.


Where else in this wide world can Real People have their own Shamy. Come on people it is funny. It is much better since Leonard and Penny broke up. They are not always in bed. Sheldon has always been the one to carry the show. There are so many people just like him, only a little less brainy, and I'm sure each one of you out there know one. Admit it. The show is only getting better; regardless of what night it is on.


i've never thought i would say that, but seeing sheldon together with amy really gives me hell. One Sheldon Cooper is funny, chlidish and sexy, but two Sheldon Coopers is boring and annoying. Amy is like some kind of outspace stranger, who suddenly came in and break the TBBT family. I always thought Sheldon will be with someone who is cute and interesting, who might be weird but adorable. Someone who makes Sheldon compromised for no reason. At first i think that when Sheldon felt sth, he will be cute and try to use theory to solve problems. But now..... Amy, i am sorry, but as what JOEY from FRIENDS will say, if you wanna be in TV, you have to look more attractive. Thank God everybody hates her and Sheldon say AMY is not a girlfriend.


I don't know why they had to break up Penny and Leonard. Not the same show anymore -- but the characters are all still there, so it may pick up??


I am very disappointed in the writing and the direction this season. even the actors seem held back by the new approach to the show. It was the most clever comedy on TV in years and now it lost it's edge and has reduced itself to "poop" and childish humor like all the other shows. Did they change the writers or are the Network people looking to increase market share on Thursday nights and trying to reach the wrong audience. So I will mourn the loss of a well written show with great characters that actually jelled and made people think about the lines they had just heard. Intelligent Comedy Is Better than schlock....this is not the 50's

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The Big Bang Theory Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Leonard: Amy is judgmental, sanctimonious, and frankly just obnoxious
Sheldon: So?
Leonard: So we already have you for all that.

Sheldon: One has to navigate a labyrinth of social nonsense before one could be fed here
Amy: Really? I assumed an establishment named Cheesecake Factory would function more efficiently.
Sheldon: It's how they lure you in. I believe it's called, "bait and switch."