The Big C Review: "Two for the Road"

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Cathy finally told a family member about her cancer diagnosis this week... sort of.

It was heartbreaking to watch Sean's reaction to this news, as "Two for the Road" concluded a great showcase for John Benjamin Hickey with a scene in which his typically snarky character was reduced to a pile of tears.

After weeks of feeling frustrated over Cathy's refusal to be honest with those closest to her, we finally understood her dilemma in greater, sad detail. Still, we wonder: did Cathy play off her admission as a joke because she truly feels bad for Sean, or because she can't handle his reaction? There's an element of selfishness at work, as Cathy doesn't want her spend her final months with a blubbering brother.

Loving Life

Perhaps the best episode of the season, this installment shied away from humor or over-the-top antics. I had grown weary of simply watching Cathy try to be as crazy and spontaneous as possible each week, without anchoring those hijinks in a broader plot.

But her beer swilling fit in nicely to her and Sean's road trip this time, while the text message from Lenny gave us a chance to watch an interesting role reversal between siblings.

Typically, Cathy is the one judging Sean and his life choices. The latter went off on his sister for her lack of honesty in her affair, though, largely speaking for viewers that were shocked last week when she blamed Paul for a simple hand job.

That's nothing compared to her (ongoing) shenanigans with a certain, handsome artist.

Meanwhile, Paul was the main source of humor on this episode. We reacted with the same horror as Adam when he watched the wedding video of Cathy and commented on her tits, though we likely found it a lot funnier than Adam did. Nice speech from Marlene to Paul, too, as he must man up stop trying to win Cathy back by essentially whining all the time.

A solid episode also featured solid use of Brian Cox as Cathy's father. What did you think of "Two for the Road?"


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i can't believe she did tell her brother the truth!


I think I'm going to explode if she doesn't tell some family member about her cancer. When she pretended that it was a joke, I thought I'd die. I wanted to run into the screen and tell him.."Yes it's true!!" Seriously. I don't know how much longer I can watch this.


PS - Cathy has an excuse for her affair with an artist, i.e. she's dying and her marriage is over. What's Paul's? Much less his excuse for ruining a party to assuage his guilt?


I think Sean has always judged her, and she's always taken care of him. As usual, this episode reveals why she can't rely on those around her, can't fall apart and blubber, because her huge loss is STILL about them. Does Sean think about what Cathy, or Adam will need from him? Or just the stability he'll lose?


This may have been my favorite episode so far.

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