The Event Review: "Protect Them From the Truth"

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After tonight's episode of The Event, how can you not be a fan of this show? It not only engages you throughout the entire episode (which is a rare feat), but keeps you wanting to know more!

Did anyone else get creeped out when the one hundred plus dead people started to wake up at the end of the episode? Do you think that all these people are normal? I mean, they have been dead for quite some time now and wouldn't they have some sort of brain damage with that whole no oxygen thing?

Scene from The Event

"Protect Them From the Truth" gave us a couple answers, but really only made our rabbit hole deeper. We knew that Vicky wasn't a good girl as she (somewhat) claimed to be, but goodness, who would of pegged her as La Femme Nikita? She has the beauty to fool any unfortunate man that comes her way (sorry, Sean, you fall into this category) and gets away with murder. Who is this girl and who do you think she really works for?

With over six different ID cards, she has to be tied into the government somehow and by the looks of it, Blake could be the ring leader for the attempted assassination of the President. His group must have done this so that the world would not find out about the aliens. But why go to such extremes?

I still believe that Leila is not letting on enough about her past with and without Sean. It's almost like she's playing a game of cards and is holding out on playing any good ones. I feel like there is a ton more character development needed here and with her supposedly dead father, Michael.

Sean really has been the unfortunate lucky one so far this season. He escaped a cruise where he was wanted for murder, fled a burning plane just in the nick of time, and now made it barely out alive from a shoot out. Is it just me, or does Sean become more cat-like with each passing episode? Wonder if he will have more than nine lives...

The President played a pretty good rewards game with the prisoners inside the detention facility. He knew that someone would crack and tell him what he needs to know about the aliens and their plans for the planet. I do kind of feel bad for William because all he wanted was to not be on that gloomy detention facility, to have his freedom, and his girl.

Which brings up an interesting point. Do you think that Lee somehow transformed himself into William's girlfriend in order to kill him? Sophia did tell Lee to do whatever it takes to keep William from saying anything. I wonder if these aliens have any special powers to morph into something or someone else entirely. Now that would be interesting to find out next Monday.

I am really happy that someone is finally listening to Sean and believing him, too. Agent Collier was the perfect person because she works for the FBI and has access to plenty of great confidential data. Now that they are both on the loose, will she also be framed for a murder that she did not commit?

Sophia is probably the one character that baffles me. Is she good, bad, or just plain evil? I really can't decide and sometimes I feel like she may be one thing or everything for that matter. I do have the sneaky suspicion that many of the aliens are not good and probably do want to harm us humans. What do you think? Who would win this battle between aliens vs. humans?

Overall, I am quite happy this show has kept up its momentum and one thing is for certain: I can't wait to see what happens next!

Until next week, here are a few of my favorite The Event quotes from tonight's episode:

Leila: I told ya he'd (Sean) come back for me. | permalink
Sophia: I should have dealt with him when I had the chance.
Lee: You protected him, why?
Sophia: That was my responsibility to protect you all.
Lee: And now?
Sophia: And now you will have to deal with him...harshly. | permalink
William: Can I have some water...with ice?
Blake: Of course. | permalink
Sean: Why would any innocent person need that many identities? She's got Leila. Please! Please! I need your help! | permalink
President Martinez: End of discussion. I'm not going to condone the use of torture. | permalink
Vice President: Let me ask you a question. Who investigates the investigator? | permalink


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What showed promise failed to deliver
Nothing happens plots disappear
The alien that wanted to talk get knifed not even addressed in this show
The undead is not even looked at for at least 10 min now they get nose bleads next measles
Everybody bad with no purpose and no events
The Event is to Cancel this show and let see some quality TV


@ Mrs. Northman: Good reviews i feel like you are on point. @ warehousefan01: I agree with you, specially about Blake every time I see him I remember of Heroes and how I hated him then and now. @ Adam L: I am also falling for this show there is something that keep me coming back


this is a good show, but i really cannot see how they are going to keep it going for more than one season, two if they 'push' it a bit. i totally saw all of the dead people waking up before it happened. i do not think that the aliens are bad, they just want to be treated like normal people, and i still think that they are "us" from the future and not from outer space... i am glad thast sean now has someone he can rely on.
and as to blake...i really hate that man. i hated him in heroes and i hate him now. i cannot wait to watch next weeks episode!


Great episode. I am accidentally, against my better judgment, becoming addicted to this show.

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The Event Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Let me ask you a question. Who investigates the investigator?

Vice President

Just please find my girlfriend, I'm afraid they're going to kill her.