The Good Wife Preview: "Cleaning House"

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Used mostly as a background storyline last season, Peter's political campaign has been front and center through three episodes of season two on The Good Wife.

That was evident on this week's "Breaking Fast" and it will continue to be so next Tuesday night.

Look for Alicia to get involved in an ethical scandal on the October 19 installment, "Cleaning House," one that places her at risk of disbarment and also jeopardizes Peter's run for office. Meanwhile, a third candidate will emerge for state's attorney.

Who might that be? The following preview doesn't say, but it does give us an early look at the episode:

[video url="" title="Cleaning House Preview"] [/video]

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All of these fans just dying to see Will and Alicia get together, no matter what the consequences is really kind of short sighted. Assuming that The Good Wife wants to maintain a least a shred of realism, how many of the very avid Team Will members have been involved in an office romance or have witnessed one that turned out well? How many of those were successful where they at least began with one or both parties being married? Now how many of those couples lived happily ever after when one person was the boss of the other? I think all circumstances combined would bring the the success rate down to about -0-. Wouldn't it seem that the long-term story arc should be based on Peter finally re-earning Alicia's trust by becoming the "better man" he claims he want to be nad he and Alicia becoming this great power couple whose marriage survived a nearly death dealing blow? As for Alicia not being upset at Peter enough, are you kidding? She has almost completely shut him out of her life for almost two years. She's still not sleeping in the same bed with him. She has laughed in his face for acting jealous when he found the condoms and then stuck them in her purse as said she was off to meet Will at the office (how ironic - if Will hadn't left his office that night they kissed, she probably would have offered him those very condoms to use). She flaunted her dinner date (don't kid yourself - it was a date)with Will which led to Peter running out of the apartment and nearly landing back in jail (which would have almost guranteed Will and Alicia would have ended up together, so why do it unless he was afraid he was going to lose her anyway?) So I'm for seeing Peter redeem himself and Alicia really trying to make her marriage work, which she hasn't done yet (making little attempt at communication with her husband and not sleeping with her boss - even though she was clearly willing to take that step once - is not my idea of working on her marriage). That's not to say tht Peter deserves a second chance or that Alicia shouldn't despise him for what he did to her and his kids. My redemption and reconciliation isn't as sexy as Alicia and Will finally doing the mattress mambo, but I think it's the past path for this show to follow if it's not going to go 2-3 seasons and out. And yes, I do think that (1)Alicia will find out about the second message Will left her that Eli deleted and (2)Peter will find out about the feelings Will and LAicia have for each other. What happens when those facts are revealed will probably depend on where Alicia and Peter are at in the rebuilding of their marriage and where Alicia is at in her relationship with Will. Also, we will have to see whether Alicia actually murders Eli or just makes him wish he had never been born. Should be interesting.


I am just waiting for some will alicia moments!!! and NO i do not want to see him to get the same chemistry he has with alicia with some sports reporter!!!!!


I am dissapointed with Alicia and her support for Peter!! Where is the anger any normal wife would feel with his betrayal?
I am just waiting for more Will & Alicia time on the show, these two just have to get together the writers cannot let us down with that I think its what most viewers have been waiting for.


Sounds interesting, like most of the plots, but I have to ask...will the writers ever put Will and Alicia together? Was last season just a hype? Are we going to be tortured by seeing someone else steal Will's heart? I can't stand it!


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