The Good Wife Review: "Double Jeopardy"

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The Good Wife is not off to a good start on season two.

The issues that sprung up on last week's return episode were only emphasized even more on "Double Jeopardy," as the show has taken a strange, unwelcome turn in the direction of primetime soap and fluff.

What made this drama so refreshing last year was its simple storytelling, its refusal to complicate episodes with over-the-top antics or feuds and just rely on the basic, realistic plot of Alicia as a scorned, strong woman, looking to rebuild her life both personally and professionally.

Dobbs Meets Bond

There was no need to rely on mysterious cliffhangers such as the one offered last night. Am I curious about Will's connection to Derek Bond? A little. But I'd rather have it come out organically, in the course of an episode, as opposed to cutting Kalinda and Diane off mid-conversation in order to tease viewers to return next week.

I'd return anyway, writers. Don't contrive a reason for me to do so.

Elsewhere, the military case was an interesting look at how Will functions when he can't use his typical tricks. I just fear it was only used to further the Alicia/Cary rivalry and the make the latter too one-dimensional.

My main beef with the show so far this season, though, falls on Peter's campaign for district attorney. From Amber's video to Becca's involvement to that silly, comical scene at the start of the hour when Eli was falling over himself in order to shut down Peter's interview... it's all extraneously complicated and sordid.

I'd love to watch a political campaign play out over the course of the season, and I have no doubt one might get messy at times. But there's too much going on here and it feels like too much of a gimmick. As previously stated, the series doesn't need to be juggling so many balls in the air. The Peter storyline serves the show best in the background, as something Alicia must deal with in addition to her duties at work and her confused feelings for Will and her husband.

Here's to hoping The Good Wife returns to that formula and stops feeling the need to abandon straightforward storytelling in order to shock the audience with surprising, unnecessary developments.


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I enjoyed this episode. And I think this review is far too negative. It was not the best episode , but still better than a lot of other drama shows.


Yeah, gotta love Matt Czuchry lol
but I'm hoping they're saving her defeat for something big so Childs can use it and it will have a bigger impact or something.

Anna maria

I'm tired of her always winning, I want her clients, at least once, to be found guilty! Cary needs to win a little..


I agree with you. I trust the writers and it will be very disappointing if they waste Cary as Alcia's weekly victim. They must keep the show real by allowing Alicia to jury plea bargaining. Cary is just such a fascinating character. There is so much they can do with him.
He played to absolute perfection by Matt Czuchry...loved the basketball scene....and we look forward to seeing some of his personal life. I know the producers realize what a great choice they made in casting Matt. Can't wait to see where he takes Cary from here.


I think people don't need to be worried about them making Cary one dimensional.
I think he genuinely thought that that man killed his wife and it wasn't excessively about Alicia.
I also think that because they showed a little more into his past again we don't have to worry. I think the writers want Cary to be a real character as much as we do.
However it did feel this week like there was too much going on, I agree that they should keep it simple but it's only the second episode so let's keep positive. =]


I really enjoyed this episode, especially the military court scenes with Captain Malinda Gossett.


I think the criticsim is a little too harsh about this episode.
As in real life the characters will evolve and stories change over time. This was actually a very good hour of tv. I am concerned more about them turning Cary into Alicia's victim of the week. Cary is extremely smart and a good attorney. Let's see him win some cases for a change. Also, the mistrust and resentment between the characters is very realistic. Cary vs. Matan, Will vs. Christine vs. Derrick, Kalinda vs. Blake, etc.
This is really how it is in the workplace. I know that we enjoy Cary at our place and hope they use him correctly on the show.

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The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Diane: What do you know about Derrick Bond?
Kalinda: What do I know? Well, I did the due diligence. Everything I found, you have.
Diane: What about Derrick Bond and Will?
Kalinda: Sorry?
Diane: As far as I knew, there was no connection between them. I was the connection to Derrick.
Kalinda: You're suggesting there's a link that you don't know about.
Diane: I'm suggesting I'd like to be disabused of that notion.
Kalinda: Then, I'll get to disabusing.

Diane: This is a betrayal. You said that you would support me.
Will: I didn't see the facts.
Diane: Now the facts are important to you? In court, you couldn't give a damn.
Will: Come on, Diane. It's money! It's about keeping our doors open. My father drove his business into the ground giving money to everyone he knew. And I'm not going to make the same mistake.
Diane: You know what you just did? You just lost your certain vote.