The Good Wife Spoilers: Cary's Cousin, Will's New Love Interest

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Through two episodes of season two, we've complained that The Good Wife is crossing too much into soap opera territory.

The latest spoiler news regarding the drama doesn't really dissuade us of that notion: according to EW's Michael Ausiello, the series is casting for Cary's cousin, Molly. Cary will give her a tour of the University of Chicago... and she'll admit that she has feelings for him! Ewww.

Cary vs. Alicia

Elsewhere, Elizabeth Reaser guest stars later this season as a love interest for Will. Let's see what producer Robert King has to say about her role:

“She plays a sports writer, and she and Will develop sparks in a way that Will hasn’t with any other woman except Alicia. We’re thrilled with [Elizabeth]. I’ve loved her since The Ex List. She’s doing an excellent job.”

** The Good Wife airs a new episode on Tuesday, October 12. Watch a preview for it NOW.

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Peter/Alicia ALL THE WAY. dont mind Alicia making Peter suffer a bit as he needs to realise how much he was taking for granted but they need to be together!!


Its not going to happen about the e-mail deleted, Eli did the right thing Alicia can already seeing the dark side of WILL and likes what she sees in her own family well being. (All of them)


I agree let's have a good look at "how Peter has really changed!!!" as well. He's like a timed bomb that will go off any minute! I was hoping that he listens to the message at get it over with! now no one knows what is h gonna do when he actually finds out! he doesn't cope well when it is not according to his plans!


nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i love Alicia and Will!!! it better come out at some point in the season that Eli deleted that voicemail...

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