The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Kill or Be Killed"

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What an exhilarating episode of The Vampire Diaries this week! It's given our staff plenty to discuss in the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table. Join us for it below...

Most shocking development of the night: Stefan's return to human blood, Caroline outing herself to her mom, or Mason's alliance with Katherine?
M.L. House: The alliance. Not simply because these two are now working together, but because it was revealed how Katherine entered Mason's life at least a year earlier. So many questions from this surprise and directions it can go in...

Elena: Most definitely Mason's alliance with Katherine. There's nobody who can say they saw that coming.

ViddWizard: Let me add most boneheaded, in addition to most shocking. Caroline has not been known for good judgment. But eating one of her mom's officers and stepping into the light in full vamp mode could have been better thought out.

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Should Damon have killed Liz?
M.L. House: Yes. The touchy-feely side to Damon might make him attractive to Elena, but this is all about survival. Just look at the title of the episode. Kill or be killed, big D. You need to actually be alive in order to flash that winning smile.

Elena: I think Damon is becoming the Damon he was before Katherine messed him up. I think he actually thinks Liz is his friend.

ViddWizard: I think it's showing how much Damon has grown that he didn't snap her neck instantly and even came up with the plan to wipe her memory instead.

Dumber move on Jeremy's part: Revealing to Tyler he knew about his secret, or not following that girl upstairs?
M.L. House: The admission to Tyler might come in handy later on. But Jeremy's refusal to go upstairs with that girl ensured that he would not come in hand... nevermind.

Elena: Considering telling Tyler resulted in Tyler letting go of his neck, he was stupid not to follow the girl.

ViddWizard: A hot, tipsy, flirting girl wanted Jeremy to follow her up stairs and frisk her. He didn't go. What a MORON!!!

Will Stefan's blood-based plan work?
M.L. House: Absolutely. What could possibly go wrong when you imbibe the same substance that drove you to almost commit murder just a few months ago, only this time you suck it from your girlfriend's veins? I wanna know why Stefan thinks this will work: Damon drinks human blood and still can't take Katherine down.

Elena: I think so.

ViddWizard: Sure, it worked for Katherine and it works for allergy shots... why not?

Will Tyler eventually turn full-fledged werewolf?
M.L. House: Yes. And then he'll carry his high school basketball team to victory!

Elena: He has to. He almost killed both Jeremy and that poor girl all in one episode. It's only a matter of time.

ViddWizard: Yes. At the rate he is flinging co-eds down the stairs, it won't take long.

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1. The alliance. I am personally jealous that Kat/Elena gets to be up close & personal w/every hot guy on the show. Poor Bonnie gets no love haha. (I also don't like Mason being bad. I want him around as long as possible)
2. No, b/c she's his only link to the council duh.
3. The girl. Tyler isn't a good enough liar to pretend that the werewolf sketches came from thin air.
4. Really...NO. but this is TVD and Stefan has to succeed.
5. Yeah but hopefully he can stop the change.


Uncle Mason said that u can be turned into a werewolf for being involved indirectly in someone's death. When Tyler crashed the car, Caroline ended up in the hospital, damon gave her blood and the Katherine killed her. Is that too indirect?


The comment about Tyler becoming a werewolf and then leading his basketball team to victory made me laugh. Ah, good ole Teen Wolf.
I too have to wonder why Stefan thinks consuming human blood will help him defeat Katherine when Damon drinks human blood and couldn't beat her. Also didn't they say once the older you are, the stronger you are? Will they need to start injecting vervane too?
I assume the moonstone can also do something harmful to vampires. I definitely prefer Caroline to Bonnie.
I don't find the aliance between Katherine and Mason shocking as it seems she has her hands in anything that has to do with the Salvatore brothers. While I assumed Caroline would reveal herself to her mom, I admit I was shocked at her taking down not just one but two deputies.


The moonstone has something to do with the werewolves, BUT it also has another meaning or use--one that Katherine wants it for. Moonstones are thought to possess mystical powers or impart such powers to their possessors.


It's not just everyone. Even our roundtable is surprised this time LOL.
The reason it is so shocking is because Mason convinced everyone of his good sense and maturity. I bet you there wasn't one person who wasn't feeling sorry for him as he sweated like mad and tied himself in chains and had to run when Tyler interupted and chained himself to a tree. When he kept begging for the moonstone, most ppl were AW, it probably helps him control himself or something and they wanted Tyler to give it. Even when Mason extended the hand of friendship to Damon we thought it was cuz he was being NICE. Nice peope do not have major facial expression changes as soon as they hop into a car and start kissing evil seductreses.
You just had to have thought that MASON would have a LITTLE more common sense than to have fallen for THAT one. But no, he's just ANOTHER lapdog that Kat's got eating out of her hand.


Okay, why the hell is everyone so surprised about the alliance?! I mean, I know originally we thought CW was just shaking up a new season by introducing characters and didn't actually realise there was a plot involved. All the hype about Mason being the guiding light in Tyler's express road to werewolfdom did lead us to believe Mason's role in TVD was really very superficial. I'm kicking myself for eating all that spoon-fed crap. But honestly, he was back almost exactly the same time as Katherine and the more suspicious viewers would have at least suspected that was connected. It crossed my mind briefly. But I gotta say that the 1860's flashbacks from last week's episode pretty much showed us that Katherine and Lockwood werewolves are totally connected by that pretty white rock. And it wasn't just the flashbacks. Stefan's sitdown with her revealed that she not only knew about the wolves but had some connection. I could totally see that. Watch those scenes again if you don't believe me. But seeing Kill or Be Killed's first flashback sealed it for me. It was Damon's supernatural survival test with that poor guy at the carnival in Brave New World all over again. That Jimmy guy was clearly glamoured, or whatever TVD calls it. I was like, 'Some vampire has forced this change on Mason'. Katherine was the best person to assume. I just knew it was her because who else would know and then fit the wolves into their scheme. The Salvators are gorgeous but while Damon may be a bit rash and Stefan only slightly more calculating, they're not old enough to actually plot and scheme about stuff. Their concern is in surviving. Katherine actually wants something. So when Mason walked out to the car with the rock Tyler SHOULD HAVE KEPT, I was screaming at myself. I knew she was in that car because she hadn't been in any scenes I knew she'd be back in Kill or Be Killed because that's how the writers are and also, she was back in general...she's going to be in every episode from now on. In conclusion, for something everyone seems to have been caught by surprise, there was a good deal of foreshadowing involved.


@ Emy- The shooting was honestly awful, I was horrified as they fired one after another....
Totally too many ands. My one consolation is that no way in this life is Mason getting away with this. Next episode: Stefan, Damon and Caroline will probably anhilate the idiot. I'm so going to be cheering on this one!


Caroline was amazing in this episode! I like her best to Bonnie.


@Heather : AGREED !! He has to be taken down... And about the cringed and mental yelling, the same looool ! I was like " Damn Damon ! What have you done ! you should have let the guy alone blabla !!! Here I am whishing now he had actually succeeded lool !
Btw, it makes lots of "ANDs" don't you think ? lol ! I actually jumped at every shots Liz shot... It was awful...


@Emy- I know! Is that girl lucky or what!
About Mason I'm kinda bummed- here I was cringing when Damin stabbed him last episode and mentally yelling at Damon all the way (which I really don't do very often) and then here Mason goes POISONING my favorite vampires AND telling on them to Liz AND getting them shot multiple times AND nearly getting them killed oh AND then kissing Kathrine, sworn enemy? This means war, Mason. The wolf has to be taken down!!!!

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