The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Plan B"

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Well, the show did it again.

The Vampire Diaries produced more shocks, twists and turns on "Plan B" this week, giving our staff plenty to dissect in the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table. We encourage reader debate on the following topics in the Comments section below and/or in our Vampire Diaries forum. Let's get to it!

What was your favorite quote/scene from the episode?
M.L. House: Had to be the Elena/Stefan break-up scene. We always give props to Ian Somerhalder, but let's stop for a moment and recognize the work of Paul Wesley's. You could feel the pain in his eyes through the TV screen.

LJ Gibbs: Damon's "Katherine will only rip your heart out. Let me do it for her." I know he's killed a lot in his 150-plus years, but in terms of kiss-off segues before delivering the coup de grace, no way that's ever been topped.

The Barnacle: Damon's reaction to Katherine bedding Mason: "Werewolf thing aside, the guy's a surfer." Hilarious.


Did Caroline make the right move by compelling her mother?
M.L. House: For the sake of fellow Mystic Falls residents because the compulsion likely saved innocent lives that would have been lost in a battle between the police force and the vampires? Yes. For the sake of more much-needed mother/daughter moments? No.

LJ Gibbs: Definitely. Liz didn't like Caroline while she was alive, and now expects us to believe she wants a relationship with her undead daughter? Mom's heart-to-heart was clearly a ploy to walk out of the dungeon uncompelled and return with reinforcements. Caroline saw through it, then saw to it that her brain was wiped.

The Barnacle: No. Caroline may seem strong and self-assured now. But she's still an insecure mess inside. Without Matt in her life and with Bonnie still on the fence, she could have used a stable force such as her mother.

More surprising moment: Mason's death, Jenna's stabbing or Elena/Stefan's break-up?
M.L. House: Stelena's break-up. We've come to expect shocking deeds from Katherine and Damon, haven't we? But I totally thought these two were soulmates! I guess we have to remember what producer Julie Plec recently said, though: soulmates don't always end up together.

LJ Gibbs: Jenna's stabbing for sure. I was surprised Damon actually finished off Mason rather than dragging it out an episode or two, but it's still Damon. How shocked can you be? The fact that Katherine not only manipulated Jenna as her spy but orchestrated a near-suicide was as stunning as it was gruesome, however. No wonder Stelena's spooked now.

The Barnacle: Mason's death, purely for how it happened. DAMON REACHED IN AND PULLED HIS HEART OUT!

Has Katherine really won?
M.L. House: Only this battle, but not the war. Vegas has the odds of overall victory on Elena/Salvatores at 7-1.

LJ Gibbs: This week was more of a draw. Sure, she showed the extent of her reach with her mind control over Jenna. Point taken. But with Mason eliminated and the moonstone pilfered, Team Salvatore scored major points too. Can't wait for Round 12 ... especially if it involves Nina Dobrev mauling two people in lingerie simultaneously.

The Barnacle: Yes. What does she care that Mason is dead? She can just move on to Tyler now, and at the expense of Matt's life no less. She'll truly win, however, when she sexes up a broken-hearted Stefan. You read it here first!

What helpful facts will Jeremy next uncover on the Internet?
M.L. House: That Justin Bieber is totally innocent. We knew it!

LJ Gibbs: I don't know, but with this younger's insatiable curiosity and the sprawling expanse that is Internet, the potential is limitless. All he has to do is Bing and decide where to go next.

The Barnacle: That the human head weighs eight pounds and the neighbor of the kid in Jerry Maguire has three rabbits. Watching a DVD on his computer counts as the Internet, right?

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Stefan really loked ridiculous... I found Caroline's scene much more sad and heartbraking than Stelena brake up


I can't believe anyone was surprised that Damon killed Mason! He's Damon, he's been talking about it for 2 episodes, he told Jeremy to leave the room.... Weird. The thing that really shocked me was Jenna stabbing herself- I actually gasped out loud! Do you think Katherine was able to compel her over the phone? I thought you had to look into someone's eyes, but it almost seemed like it was on the phone because Jenna was acting totally normal before that. Interesting...


i totally did not see the vervain filled well coming


got to give it to paul wesley with the was very touching and i'm a delena fan! still elena and stefan were silly to think that they could still be together and not get caught..i mean it's katherine!!!
caroline compelling her mum was heartbreaking i didn't expect it because caroline was selfless instead of just protecting herself and keeping the new formed relationship with her mum she thought of the bigger picture and thought about if other vampires would be safe like damon and stefan. I've got to say i'm loving the vampire caroline she's already becoming one of my favourites!


Yea, I don't know how u thought he looked ridiculous when even Delena fans are saying that scene was so touching because of his crying.


Am I the only one who though Paul Wesley looked absoloutley ridiculous when crying. It looked like someone punched him in the face I couldnt stop laughing. AND REALLY MATT?? Why do they keep killing our eye candy, first Mason, then Matt, COME ON. Kill Jenna, what the hell is she really good for besides trying to get in Alaric's pants?


I'm annoyed to say I was surprised Mason died. It tells me the show was losing the life-or-death stakes so I'm glad they brought that back. Also, is it actually possible to reach in and rip someone's heart out? Aren't there ribs and stuff in the way?? Also, the well, however brilliant, what the fuck with the snakes. I was expecting them to actually do something useful and bite Elena. There was no reason for them to be there than to scare the crap out of her. What a pointless move.


Great episode, exciting twists. Paul is an amazing actor, his breakup scene with Elena was heartbreaking to watch, so much emotion you could really feel his pain. I love the chemistry between them, their love scenes are beautiful, hope they get back together soon. I hope Matt is not going to be the next to die.


My favorite quote was Jeremy's so long overdo "I don't really care what you want Elana! It's because of you that I'm in this mess in the first place, so I'm sorry you don't really get to tell me what I'm gonna do." Matt and Jenna are also in the mess they are in because of her.

Whipped by damon

Now I am a staunch Delena fan but even I was a bit heartbroken over the Stelena breakup! Paul Wesley just seemed so agonized! But man I love this show more every week, they always manage to somehow catch me off guard and make me even more excited!!

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