The Vampire Diaries to Flash Back... to Bulgaria... in 1490

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Forget 1864. The Vampire Diaries is preparing to take viewers back to the 15th century...

... in Bulgaria.

“The episode that we start shooting on Tuesday is set around 1490 – and in Bulgaria," producer Julie Plec said at New York Comic-Con over the weekend. “We’ve talked about wanting to show Katherine’s origin story, and it is cool.”

Katherine with a Drink

Viewers learned a couple weeks ago that Katherine's original last name was "Petrova," and fellow producer Kevin Williamson says they plan to depict how this character "came to become who she was."

But, as much as we love the pace and excitement of the series, might it be revealing too much too quickly? Is there fear of burning storylines out?

No way, says Williamson.

“We’re trying to figure out the breaking point, where we are going to stop at the end of this season. We kind of know what we want for our season finale, we know what the cliffhanger is already, so [it's all a matter of] ‘What do I get in there before?’”

** In other spoiler news, fans can look for Bonnie to get more involved later this season, as a mysterious father and son duo come to town, armed with questions for this witch.

** Of note: Nina Dobrev is of Bulgarian descent. Her family's original last name? Dobreva.

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Since the writers are doing the exact opposite than the written books, such as Elena is a brunette on the tv show instead of a blond. Elens's has a little but a sister in the bookbut a teeange brother on the show. Maybe they'll decide to allow the Damon/Elena story line. In the books, they kept Elena with Stephen and Damon always pining after Elena. Maybe they can continue everthing opposite from the books. Please put Elena together, if only under a amenesic moment!!


"** Of note: Nina Dobrev is of Bulgarian descent. Her family's original last name? Dobreva." Correct Dobreva is her original last name not Dobrev. In Bulgaria Dobrev stands for male last name. Female last name always end with "va".


Another one from Bulgaria(Sofia) I want them sooo much to come to Bulgaria!!! But I don't think they'll shoot the episode here:(


Йее и аз �ъм от българи� :P Anyways, does anyone know in which town are they shooting? I'd LOVE to watch ;D


yes!!! I'm bulgarian and i'm really happy right now.Love Nina and her acting skills!she is AMAZING!!!


am no i don't think so.. but it will be funny to watch.. cause i'll watch an american tv show in my language ;d and that's kinda funny and i think American people will prob know that Bulgaria exsists since a lot of people watch TVD


think she'll talk in bulgarian?


I'm from Bulgaria, too, and I'm 14.. you are? I live in Sofia what about you? I don't know why i am writing to you in English when we both know Bulgarian.. but ;d whatever


I'm from Bulgaria, too, and I'm 14. I love The Vampire Diaries~This is such a fantastic film.
Yeah, Nina is born in Sofia, Bulgaria. She is very good actress (she can play two differnt characters in one movie!!!)


Bulgariaaaa i live there!!! and yes Nina is Bulgarian i actually know a few people who know her

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