What Will Happen to Hannah on Bones?

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Katheryn Winnick's character, Hannah Burley, has been the most-talked about topic on Bones this season, even after last week's episode, when she didn't even appear.

Booth seems so happy - or at least is trying to convince himself he's happy - with his reporter girlfriend, but what's the endgame as far as the show's plans for her?

Fox's promo for the show's November 4 return offers a major hint, and it doesn't look good. For Hannah. If you haven't seen it yet, here's the potential game-changer:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/bones-november-preview/" title="Bones November Preview"] [/video]

Now that was unexpected. Will Hannah be killed off literally? Will she survive, only to have her relationship with Booth forever altered? Theories and comments are welcomed ...

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I agree with Derek. I've worked with people with Asperger's (and my younger brother was diagnosed with it a while back). The clues are DEFINITELY there. I thought Zack had Asperger's, too. For a short time, I couldn't watch the show because their inability to understand nuance and just plain humor irked me. I love the show now.


I do NOT want Booth with Hannah. Make her a spy who is really going to try to kill both of them.


Derek is absolutely correct: Bones clearly is portrayed as a victim of Asperger's. Great sympathy for that character, but she is simply not a plausible match for Seeley. Seeley and Hannah make all the sense in the world.


I don't know if anyone noticed, but Booth once said to Hannah (just before she got shot I think) "I miss you", and she just smiled and waved, I mean? kinda strange, but who am I :)


Look... as much as I want Bones and Booth to get together, the true fact of the matter is... that much like with CSI, where everyone wants Sarah and Grissom to get together... once it happens, a huge bout of the magic of the show completely ends. Give back the sexual tension, I'm sure Hannah will go away eventually... and I'm sure that Bones and Booth WILL get together.. but I wouldn't pray too hard for it, because I guarantee that when the writers finally decide to make them get together, it will be the end of the show. That's how it works.


If Brennan can plan the perfect murder, will she be accused of planning Hannah's murder? Will Hannah be murdered? Or will Hannah commit murder and Boothe has to catch her? Then Brennan could be a heroine for certain.


Bones won't show signs of jealousy due to his relationship with Hannah. Bones obviously has aspergers. Think about that is the reason why she cant read body language. They're are clues to her having aspergers in almost every episode.


I would like to see more emotion from Brennan aka Bones. You can tell she does have feelings for Booth. I also miss the end of the show conversations between Brennan and Booth and their sexual tension. I hope they bring that back soon. A lot of the show came from their sexual tension. It would be okay to see more of Hannah in the future, but while there are all of the unresolved issues between Booth and Brennan (such as his sperm donation and his telling Brennan she was the one in the 100th episode) I don't think Hannah should be Booth's girlfriend for much longer. She seems like someone who wouldn't put up with being Booth's rebound girl. Please, Please don't let Hannah be Booth's girlfriend in 2011.


The Hannah story could have been well-done, but I personally find it so distasteful. I was looking forward to seeing Bones a bit jealous, but we've barely seen it. We certainly have had an astounding amount of scenes with Booth and Hannah all over each other. For a show that has had their leads engage in only ONE real kiss, it is just SO artificial to portray this supposedly real relationship like it is. It is past time to drop this angle and get us back to what we love about Bones: witty dialogue, intense stories, and yes...the flirtation of Booth and Bones. I miss the "real" Bones so much!!!


Fine, let Hannah survive and let their relationship be altered. That way Brennan has no excuse to not deal with her own feelings for Booth anymore. Anthropologically, she will see that she needs to mate and Booth is the perfect mate for her, while Hannah will be seen as the competition. Oh how I'd love to see her fight for love, for a change. It will be quirky-awesome a la Brennan.

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