90210 Review: Making Tissues Dance, Viewers Snore

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Before I get into this review of "I See London, I See France," allow me to call BS on a small aspect of the 90210 episode:

There's no way Annie would be chosen to co-host The Undies. I understand the show (and all viewers) want to forget her horrendously-handled hit-and-run storyline ever happened... but this is a girl who was a miserable mess all of last season, dated an outcast and had no friends at school. Now, after a summer in which she was under house arrest, we're meant to believe Annie is somehow popular enough to warrant this honor?

Yes, this is nit-picking. But it's also an example of how 90210 can be so frustratingly inconsistent.

Teddy and Friends

As for the rest of the episode, it was perfectly mediocre. Nothing especially bad or good stands out, as there were few surprises in any of the storylines.

Teddy continued to be confused over his sexuality, Ivy came clean about Oscar and Navid grew closer to Silver.

I like the possibility of the latter two getting together. First, their nickname could be "Nilver," which isn't bad. Second, neither has a lot to do these days, so coupling them up would at least feel fresh. Nice small touch to have Silver laugh at Navid's jokes, too. (
Here's one for you, dude: A dyslexic man walks into a bra...)

I've also said many times that I'm glad the series is slow-playing Teddy's acceptance that he's gay - but the way it's handled his drinking and, this week, smoking has been insulting and lame. Ooh, he has a few beers a party. Oh, no, he smokes a joint and then gets behind the wheel an hour later!

I'm not advocating driving while under the control of any substance, but I am calling out 90210 for coming across like a PSA in these instances. High school students drink and light up ALL the time. It's not exactly a jarring example of Teddy's confused spiral to put a few beers and a joint in his hand.

If they want to prove how lost this guy is, let's hope the show has him act out in a more believable, extreme way one of these weeks.

Teddy and Silver at School

As for everything related to Mr. Canon, I have mixed reactions.

What worked: Incorporating Oscar into the plot. Let's definitely see more of this Brit, not just because he has a pretty face, but because he has an edge to him. Liam stopped being a bad boy a long time ago. The show definitely needs someone new to step up and take on this role.

Oscar plays it well, and there's clearly more to learn about him. It was a nice twist (and plug for Bing) to have him pick apart Mr. Canon's accent and work with Naomi to expose the teacher's shady past.

What didn't work: The conclusion of the episode. Did it feel like a suspenseful cliffhanger when Mr. Canon was discovered to have fled? Is anyone out there excited over what will happen next? Or did it just feel like a way to drag out this storyline a bit longer?

I'll leave viewers with a few more questions: are you rooting for Navid and Silver to hook up? How blatantly did 90210 rip-off The OC's Taylor Townsend by creating a character such as Harper? Did you see Laura's drug selling coming? Should Dixon forgive Ivy? Did you miss Charlie? How much would you pay to never see Annie on screen again?


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I am totally for silver and navid getting together. Adriana and navid were my favorite couple for awhile, bur the writers haven't been giving the two any good, lovey-Dovey material that shows their chemistry. Plus, ade has been a bad gf lately. I think silver and navid have more in common anyway. I hope liam and Naomi get back together as well. They has such good chemistry, and I don't think liam have her a second chance.

Anna maria

who the hell is charlie? oh, I also didn't get Annie hosting the event. I did not see the drug selling coming, that girl might be interesting, and they did rip off taylor from the oc alot! I love all the new characters, except for this harper girl. Naomi and Oscar will be one hot pair, I loved his involvement, and I want to see more of MR cannon, I want him punished! It was an overall good ep but it wasn't very exciting..


M.L., I love reading your 90210 reviews because they remind me oh so much of my One Tree Hill reviews. I started watching this show because it was an extension of the late, great Beverly Hills, 90210. I've continued to watch and enjoy this show even though it has almost zero connections to its father. It is mediocre at best, but I do still enjoy it for some odd reason. Couldn't agree more on your feelings about Teddy's drinking and smoking. "oh he had a couple drinks. Oh he smoked one joint!" Remember when Dylan got absolutely hammered and stoned out of his mind for weeks on end? That is how you deal with someone going off the deep end. Or Kelly strung out on coke, lying in bed for a month. But Teddy smoking one joint and Dixon and Liam freaking out about it like he's run somebody over with his car? Completely lame. Take a page out of the original's book, and spice things up around here. -QP

Saad khan

Hooking up Silver and Naveed like two lesbians hooking up!
Naveed needs to cut hairs and Silver needs to Grow hairs. Love Silver and Hat Naveed what a Fag Bag Queen. these terrible actor like Michael Stegner also book jobs I'm Amazed!

Saad khan

Its getting boring week by week, Dixen, Annie and Naveed are the most boring and dead characters on the show... I hope they get fired ASAP!
plus the whole directer and writers team... it just sucks that when Adrianna lesbian act with Rumer Willis didn't live up to expectations they mad Teddy gay act with parker though Parker is more Funnier than Rumer Willis was. BTW not too long ago Teddy was a Womanizer the Man's Man and now he has become literally Man's Man.. Creepy!


I feel like after the Joe Jonas thing they will hook Navid and Silver up, which after tonights episode they really do have chemistry but I just see them more as friends really. I could not stand Harper, or her voice. I was suprised to see that girl was selling drugs in her bags, she seems to dimwitted to pull something like that off. As much as I don't care for Ixon, let alone what happens to them, I think Dixon should forgive Ivy because didn't he maek out with Silver last season while they were together.. I think Dixon plays the victim too much. I love they brought Oscar into the Cannnon storyline, I really didn't see that coming, I;m sure we'll see more of Mr. C soon enough though... Who is Charlie?... OH! You mean the Michael Jackson guy Annie's dating!! No I did not miss him, or his effemine voice. I only like Annie when she's with the girls other then that it's blah for me, same with Dixon. Not that I have anything against gay people, because my values tell me otherwise, but I kinda like Teddie and that other guyt together, I think they could be cute? Excited for Joe Jonas next week!


Dixon is a jerk who's always been that way since Season 1. He didn't even realize the extent of the damage he had done by lying to Ivy about Sasha. Serves him right. Feel sorry for Ivy though. I agree on what people are saying on the other forums: Annalyn McCord is the 90210's best asset. She really was able to give her story justice and with respect. It's not the end of the roadblock yet but we'll see how she tries to move on from her ordeal but at the same time not letting herself vulnerable if and ever Cannon is going to resurface once again in her life.


I like whatever relaationship Silver and Navid already has, being more platonic as colleagues of The Blaze and being friends through Ade. Being self-centered Ade has been ever since, it is inevitable that this certain character trait of hers is slowly alienating her friends, most especially her own boyfriend. BUt I don't think it is worth pairing Navid and Silver because, with the kind of personality that she has, she is better off without having to commit herself to another serious relationship. Re: the rape storyline...So far so good, it's nice that the truth was finally let out but with the possibility of Miles Cannon coming abck to haunt her, it is far from over for Naomi so better watch her back. About the google thing, she would have done it before but she never would have imagine that Cannon actually has a past on terrorizing innocent souls over at the UK. That's one angle I'm seeing. In addition, Naomi doesn't probably know a clue about the UK except for London, Wales and Belfast thus with Oscar's unintentional giveaway clue...She was able to connect the dots on providing strong evidence. Not sure about The whole OC "rip-off" thing but I have seen characters like Harper on other shows like Gilmore Girls' Paris whoso this isn't particularly new to the OC as well. Underaged porns stars, now that's something we never thought they're going to show about...Well I guess that justifies why Navid's parents finally showed up :D The current development of Teddy's story seems like and extension of what he's going through the other week and it seems all unnecessary that he tries to forget his problems in his love life, etc. Speaking of problems, didn't expect that the show is going to resurrect West Bev's perennial drug trade, and now we know that Laura is going to be around for a while longer. Shenae Grimes really needs to be given better material for her sake and for the show but I guess writers are giving her some slack after giving her the rough patch last season or at least bringing back the perkiness of what makes Annie, Annie. Another speculation as to why her hit-and-run storyline was changed on the last minute: Ryan O'Neal may have been in talks with Oprah Winfrey during the production of the final set of episodes of the second season that in the end he can no longer commit to the series past the episodes he was contracted to appear. This may be the primary reason for the sudden ad abrupt changes to the storyline's conclusion. That's my take but who knows? it might be true.


I will pay about tree fiddy


Personally I'm only watching 90210 because of Naomi and Silver. But Silver getting together with Navid would be wrong. Because Ade is one her best friends and you don't do friends (ex-)boyfriends *cough**annie*. She should be getting back with Dixon and sing lots of karaoke.
As for Naomi I would use a little money of that trust fund to hire bodyguard because that son of a b*tch Cannon/Douglas whatever will come back eventually. She could have binged or googled Cannon on her own after Oscar told her about the accent thing. She didn't have to tell him the truth - just saying. Annie can go now - she bores me. Same for Liam. The Teddy storyline is not very intriguing so far. I liked when he could himself smiling at Ian. But apart from that it more seems like his struggling to be rejected by Silver as from feeling attracted to the same sex. Ivy is getting interesting - I like it. I'm wondering if Liam will hear about Naomis actual rape regret leaving her and get back together and to his former bad boy being? A girl can dream :D

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