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Look, 90210, I've been critical of this boring season for awhile now, but I was willing to give you a pass on the Teddy storyline.

I found it disappointing and simply lame that such a major development was spoiled by producers over the summer, but, hey, at least I've been giving the series credit for slow-playing this character's self-realization and dealing with such a pressing topic in a respectful fashion.

Then, you air an episode such as "They're Playing Her Song" and give viewers such a glaring plot hole that I can't help but wonder what the writers are doing over there. The plot hole in question: If Teddy forgot his wallet, how did he get into the gay bar?!? I know Trevor Donovan is like 59 in real life, but he is portraying a 17-year old, right?

Growing Tight

This will sound like nit-picking, I know. And I'm aware it's not a major detail in the overall story - but it is symbolic of just how lazy 90210 can often be. There are many ways in which the show could have had Teddy require Ian's help... so why choose something that makes so little sense? It's insulting to viewers.

Elsewhere, I can give a positive review to everything involving Annie and Charlie this week. I was ready to rail against the latter character for being so underdeveloped and the series forgetting all about his and Liam's back-scar storyline.

But it brought it back in a realistic way this week, as it makes perfect sense that Annie would feel pressure to "lock in" a college man, and it was also a nice moment for the two to share once she came clean and then he did the same. Important message, readers: sometimes, there are ways to get close to someone with your clothes on!

As for Navid? Weak! If the show wanted to really take a big step and give us some gravity, it would have had Mr. Shirazi kill himself. This truly would have been an unexpected jolt, something that would affect Navid to his core.

Instead, it half-assed the storyline and gave us the unbelievable (in a bad sense) notion that Navid's father would up and leave the country, just a day or two after a guidance counselor apparently spoke to authorities. Talk about a sudden reaction to the baby steps of an investigation.

Finally, we get to Debbie and Ryan. I'm all for this pairing. Why not, right? The two characters do have a lot in common these days... if you entirely forget the events from last week, that is. After all, wasn't Ryan the one totally in control of Jack and seemingly knowledgeable about babies?

Fast forward an episode and suddenly he can't tell if his son needs his diaper changed?!? I understand that Jen leaving would result in a bit of panic, but the show took it to an extreme and is now painting this previously reliable father into a total buffoon. Just poor pacing and inconsistent character development.

What did everyone else think? Are you more on board with Silver and Navid now, in light of the way Adrianna is acting? Did Do you wanna see Naomi and Ivy buddy up? Has Liam or Dixon does anything noteworthy all season long? Sound off now!


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I loved last night's episode. Deb & Ryan: These characters are cute together. Althoug the chemistry is evident, I believe they shouldn't over step their boundaries. No one (Annie & Dixon) wants to wake up and notice that their teacher is bangin' their mom. Ew! Ade/Navid/Silver: Adrianna was part of the reason I continued to watch the show in its beginning stages but I am not liking what is becoming of her character. She is totally ignoring Navid now that she is a huge star. Her head is getting way too big for her own good. Silver needs a friend right now but I don't think that Navid should step up to the plate just yet. Let this budding relationship thrive with excitement. Annie: No words...Never was a Team Annie member. Teddy: I love the way that this story is progressing each week. Kudos to Trevor Donovan for making it so heartfelt and believable.


I do not want Silver and Navid to get together. People need to understand that Adrianna is a megasuperstar now so she would not have all the time for family and friends. 90210 is always ruining perfect couples.


"if Ade continues to not even care" is what I meant on no. 7


Nice comeback episode for 90210 after last week's slump. 1. I think the beach scene should have been edited out for next episode if the girls are actually going beach-hopping. 2. The Ian-Teddy line is getting interesting, nothing too fast nor too slow but I hope it's not goingt o drag out too long. I know coming out of the closet takes years to go through but in TV land, shows need to fast forward with time so that viewers won't get bored out with a story's pacing. 3. Season 3 Ade is now super fame-absorbent Ade. I know she loves Navid and all and that Navianna have been through a lot for the past couple of seasons but it's really starting to show her obsession for fame. Yes, she had been a child actress but because of her overbearing mom, she got into a lot of pressure, especially if acting is not really her passion. Now that she's doing that she loves, that certain void of suck within her personality is starting to manifest again because as it clearly shows, Ade craves for attention and couldn't stay in just one place. 4. Navid: Poor guy. It's one thing that he didn't think first before emotionally blurt out his dad's doings to his GC, it's another when his one little action caused big trouble for the Shirazi household. To be fair, considering the weight that could possibly bring if Mr. Shirazi is convicted for child pornography...It's wise for him to go desaparecido (disappear) to escape ASAP (out of fear and guilt). 5. Annie is going back to her perky self, that I love but her storyline with the two half-bloods needs a little more push further for viewers to care and how she will fit in the whole debacle between Charlie and Liam. 6. Liam: Still no updates on his new "baggie" role? It's an interesting angle and a fresh new story for Matt Lanter to tackle so the writers really need to give that one more airtime and/or have it integrate with his existing storyline as of late. 7. Navid-Silver: the good thing is that nothing from the episode justifies them to actually raise the relationship level to "It's complicated". If Navid is going to be pair with Silver, it has to be not just for good reason but the time it needs for people to care for their pairing in the first place. Right now, I like them as friends, and for these episode: CARING friends. If Ade continues to ignore Navid or even care the slightest about him (choosing career over him several times is not gonna cut it for him any longer), then it's going to be a fall-out for the two of them and we have Ade to blame. Deb-Ryan: They actually look hot together, in an odd way. Debbie sure knows how to go cougar with a guy who has sleep with at least 5 women in this show so far. And Ryan, don't ever mess with a girl with solid washboard abs like Lori Loughlin. LOLz. Ivy: At least we know the 90210 girls finally now know each other and have a shared scene. Anything else I miss :) Decent episode with a nice way of closing the episode with OneRepublic's Secrets.


I dont think that was a plot hole about the wallet thing. The bouncer at the door didnt card Teddy, he just told him to go in. There are a lot of bouncers out there that dont card people if they look of age. It's not a good practice, but it happens. They did that on purpose so Teddy wouldnt know that he didnt have his wallet and he would have to call the one person who already knows that Teddy isnt straight.

Matt richenthal

@Argy: You're right that I may have too high expectations for the show... but I belabored the Ivy point because it was an example of how 90210 makes things up as it goes along.
The show can be very inconsistent in how it handles characters, as I mentioned in regard to Ryan this week. Am I really being harsh in pointing out the major wallet flaw in this episode? I mean, it's my job as a critic to cite bad writing examples and this plot hole was too big to ignore.


@Matt Richenthal I can't really say why is that, but the fact that this season when i watch 90210 i never get bored or anything, and i am looking forward to next episode, means that the episodes have improved a lot from last season!! I can't understand why almost all of your reviewers are negative for 90210!! For example, you took years to understand that Ivy is a virgin.. Can you just accept it?? it's not that you saw Ivy having sex, but you saw her kissing with Liam.. So this proves 90210 is a bad show? another example is that you find the way ian helped Teddy, insulting to viewers??don't be so hursh.. It's not that we watch a multi-Emmy winner award! it's just a teen show with many positive senses!

Matt richenthal

@Argy: I ask readers for their opinion each week in THIS POLL. Less than half of the respondents Loved It, and if you read through the Comments on this review, they aren't exactly glowing, are they?
It's great you like the show, I welcome all contrary opinion - but it's just not true to say I'm the only critic or viewer who is down on the most recent episodes. If you're a fan of them, I'd love to hear why.


Can you stop doing reviewes for 90210??? we got it, you don't like this show!! youre talking about it like it's a rubish show!! ok, you may see 90210 like this, but it's not!! so, stop reviewing... its getting ridiculous!! almost every reviewer on the net, refer to 90210's third season as the best, and you say that it's the most boring, ok???? ask viewers opinion's then!! if you don't like it, don't watch it!!!!

Matt richenthal

@James: I am ML House, don't worry! Just decided to use my real name. Click on my user name above as proof. It will take you to all the Comments and Posts I've made over the years.

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