90210 Round Table: "Best Lei'd Plans"

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There was a major kiss and a significant apology on this week's episode of 90210.

How did our staff react to "Best Lei'd Plans?" Find out below, as our writers gather for the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table...

What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt R.: Teddy and Ian's kiss. If you're gonna do this storyline, you've gotta go all out with it. And the show certainly did with this intense make-out session.

Steve M.: Annie cheering on Ivy during the surfing competition. She was just so funny and passionate. (Man, I hope sarcasm comes through via a computer screen.)

Arlene G.: By far, Naomi getting crushed by the massive wave. Like you couldn't see THAT coming. I like Naomi, but her fawning all over that dweeb was nauseating.

90210 RT, Take 2

Do you buy Oscar's apology?
Matt R.: No. Then again, I buy little about the entire storyline. This guy was so Hell bent on revenge, and then all it took was Laurel pointing out the obvious (that Ivy was an innocent bystander in her actions) for Oscar to do a 180?!?

Steve M.: Yes, if only because I love the idea of him and Naomi dating. They're already a lot more fun than any other couple on the show.

Arlene G.: Sure. Oscar's a sketchy dude, but he seemed sincere enough.

Which Wilson sibling is more useless: Annie or Dixon?
Matt R.: Annie. The second option could have been anyone else on television and my answer would have stayed the same. I've never seen a character with so many storylines that conclude with such a whimper. Remember that egg donor lady? Never heard from again. Was Charlie even mentioned last night? Of course not.

Steve M.: Sadly, Dixon. At least 90210 tries to give Annie material. But Dixon was reduced to talking about his disdain for pork last night. I wish I were kidding.

Arlene G.: Annie, definitely.  Why is she even on this show?

Hotter kiss: Teddy and Ian or Ryan and Debbie?
Matt R.: Am I the only person actually into Ryan and Debbie?!? There's an actual spark between these two, which should lead to some fun fireworks once their sexcapades become public.

Steve M.: Teddy and Ian. They were on the beach, while that restaurant probably keeps its AC on at all times.

Arlene G.: Are you kidding?!? Teddy and Ian. Finally! They make a great couple. As for Ryan and Debbie... snooooze.

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Teddy and Ian were beyond cute in the final scene last week


I really don't see any use for Naomi. First she is taking pills to get over her rape no she is guy hunting again? Her character hasn't developed at all since season 1 and Annalynne can't act. I wish she could get written off this show. Give the rich bitch storylines to Lowndes and get rid of the troll...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
My fav. scene def. have to do with the best story line this season and that is Teddy & Ian kiss,For weeks I have been waiting for this kiss and it wasnt what I had in my head,it was 10X better.Damn Teddy is so hot!!! Do you buy Oscar's apology?
Yes,only because that last scene with him & Nia having a heart to heart only means one thing and that is that the writers are planning on making them date and after Mr.Cannon I doubt the writers will have no heart and give Nia another tragic with a guy or love. Which Wilson sibling is more useless: Annie or Dixon?
I have to go with Dixon because I have nothing to talk about him,but Annie I can talk about lots of her storylines. Hotter kiss: Teddy and Ian or Ryan and Debbie?
Don't even have to ask me twice....Teddy & Iam, I just wish it was Teddy & Fernando kiss.....yummy I should change my name to something with Teddy in it lol.


I can't beleive no one even mentioned Dixon wanting to post a picture of his mother Deb eating a banana on her online profile! My sister and I were laughing!!!


I personally really like Annie. I think her and Silver are the only ones on the show that are down to earth. Hotter Kiss: Ryan and Debbie...I think there is spark there as well. Oscar Apology: Seemed sincere, I like the idea of him and Naomi dating as well.


Favorite Scene: Naomi and Oscar
Oscar Apology: Yes
Wilson Useless: Annie
Hotter Kiss: Teddy/Ian, I still do not like Debbie and Ryan. Jen and Ryan was way much better and around the same age.

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Deb: It's uncanny.

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