90210 Round Table: "I See London, I See France"

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90210 viewers were welcomed to The Undies this week. What did you think of the episode "I See London, I See France?" We've reviewed it in detail HERE.

But there's always more to say. Hence, the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table. Sound off on the following topics in our Comments section and/or our 90210 forum...

What was your favorite scene from the episode?
M.L. House: Gotta go with Dixon and Navid forcing Teddy to stop driving that car while high. It was an important lesson for us all.

LJ Gibbs: Oscar and Naomi choosing to Bing - and decide! Seriously, it was cool to see these two team up.

The Barnacle: I liked everything about The Undies. It was a fun time all around, and made Teddy realize that Ian is actually a rather cool guy. Yes, guy. Deal with who you are, buddy.

90210 RT, Take 2

Do you want Silver and Navid to date?
M.L. House: The show is clearly hinting at this possibility, isn't it? I'm on board for Nilver. Both these characters have had very little to do all season, so let's get them into bed and see what happens!

LJ Gibbs: No way. Silver is still Adrianna's good friend, no matter how much that singer might be blinded by fame. You just don't date any friend's serious ex, right, ladies?

The Barnacle: I don't care. But I do wanna see more of Navid's father's videos!

Will Dixon forgive Ivy?
M.L. House: Yes, after all (copyright, Ross Geller on Friends)... they were on a break!!!

LJ Gibbs: It will take awhile. I'm a fan of this storyline because viewers can see both sides. We can all understand why Ivy slept with Oscar, can't we? But it's also easy to comprehend why this is so hard to digest for Dixon.

The Barnacle: Better question: Will Dixon do or say anything of interest the rest of this season? Odds are 8:1 against.

Is this the last we've seen of Mr. Canon?
M.L. House: No way. That evil Brit is up to something, as I bet he causes serious problems down the road for both Naomi and Ryan, maybe even threatening the latter in some indirect way because he really holds the key to this case as a witness.

LJ Gibbs: I hope so. 90210 has treated this storyline with the respect it deserves, but it's simply been... boring.

The Barnacle: No. He'll probably show up on TV in the stands of a Chelsea soccer game.

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I cannot wait to see silver and Navid date. This show needed something like this to spice things up, it was a drag.


I was actually boycotting the show because no matter how much I love the cast the acting is terrible. Fav scene was probably Naomi finding out Cannon's name. It just helps her case that much more. I do see the chemistry with silver and navid especially since they're not the morally corrupted on the show, they're the ones that are the do gooders and this romance would cause major drama for our star Adrianna. Dixon always annoys me. I understand he's pissed but he's so judgemental it's hard for me to sympathesize with him because I'd go sleep with someone else too.


1 - The undies! I know a few girls from my high school who should have been nominated for the "Most likely to succeed by marrying rich"
2 - I love the friendship between these two but that doesn't necessarily mean that I'll enjoy a relationship. These kids seem to change partners like musical chairs...
3 - Yes, but then one of them will do something to screw it all up again. Not intrigued by this couple at all...
4 - No - he'll be back, probably during sweeps. He's pissed and he's going to get back at Naomi for sure, and probably Ryan. I'm thinking that Naomi will probably receive the brunt of it though. @Misanthropy - I understand your point, but sometimes telling the first person is the hardest part. As soon as one person knows a secret like that, it becomes easier and easier to open up to others.

Whipped by damon

I am just pissed they made Cannon a Chelsea fan, I am a Chelsea fan and I don´t want that rapist anywhere near my boys in blue. That being said, having lived in London for a number of years and studied accents, there is not really a particular Dagenham accent. There is cockney and there is upper crust English and Cannon leans towards the former and Oscar the latter but no way he could picked that particular area out of a hat! Just not believable!


I wonder who else will Naomi tell about the rape? I mean, yes, I understand telling your friend eventually but the speed of how the word spreads seems incredible to me. She only told Silver and then, bang, Annie and Ade know too, and then her sister Jen as well, and Ryan. And you think she wouldn't like a guy like Oscar to know but she had to have him do the internet research? Seriously? As if she wasn't able to google these few words on her own? And then he goes to the police station with her? Come on! This just doesn't seem like something a person in her situation would do.


Amen. Don't date your friends' exes. Silver's already done it once. FAIL.

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