90210 Spoilers: Guess Who Will Be Making Out...

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Over the next couple episodes of 90210, two burgeoning couples will kiss.

Can you guess who they'll be?

The answers: Teddy and Ian; and Silver and Navid.

According to E! News, Teddy will actually be the one to initiate a smooch with the fellow student with whom he's already, drunkenly hooked up. Look for this stage to be set when he visits a male strip club next week and ends up calling Ian for help/support.

Growing Tight

As for Silver and Teddy, the look they shared this week will escalate into at least a make-out session that will "shake things up for everyone," sources say.

Don't feel too badly for Adrianna, though: expect her to get her diva on over the next couple episodes. She'll move into a mansion and end up treating Victor like such dirt that viewers might actually feel bad for this slime ball. Might, we say.

Which of these hook-ups are you most looking forward to?

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I love Ade and Navid
I do not think Silver and Navid should be together, Ade just needs to get over her diva stage and she will be fine again.
ahh I do not like Silver and Navid!


I dont want Teddy with Ian, is like what happened? and was the thing with silver a lie? I mean it kinds of freak me out, I dated a guy who turned to be gay and its really weird, although he's one of my friends now, it is difficult to assimilate. I want Annie to end up with Liam, I hate her new boyfriend, and after season 2 I liked Annie, her character is nicer and less annoying, and Liam is a totally hottie. Ade well she's pretty but i dont like her diva wannabe nice attitude.


Silver and Navid!
They have a lot in common and a relationship between the two would seem natural if Ade had never been there.- but of course she was- Unfortunately, I think that if Silver and Navid were/are to get to get together at any point most likely it will be a short fling only to show how Ade and Navid are destined to be together. :(
I hope they let them build a strong bond and continue to wait- why the rush- it's not exactly as if Ade would even notice their friendship..


Any storyline that deflects away from Annie or Dixon is a good storyline. I hated Grimes in season 1 2 and now 3. Please send her away to live with her dad.


Silver and Navid make so much sense it isn't even funny, while Adrianna has at this point become far out of touch with the reality she was living in when they first got together. I think the writers could use her being in the limelight as another lapse into drug use. I hope not, but it would make sense for her character. As for Teddy ending up with another male, I'm kind of excited to see that develop, I just wish he was more the type to flaunt some of that money around when he flips. Ha.


I really dislike Adrianna's character right now, but I know (hope) she'll change for the better. Her and Navid HAVE to be together, they are so adorable. And although I love Siliver too, I just cannot see them being a couple! :( Soo Im hoping in the end that it will still be Navid and Adrianna!


I don't want Ade and Navid to end¨!!!! They are like THE COUPLE OF 90210, they have been together since first season...
BUT NAVID AND SILVER HAVE GREAT CHEMITRY! FINALLY "Saying goodbye" (ade's song xD) to Siddy. And if Victor is "only getting 5% of ade's money", i don't think it would be a problem if he lets her go... silly adrianna, but i love they're showing a former star in the Hollywood world, that is what 90210 is about. Ade has one of the best storylines this season.


i like silver character but
navid and ade best couple
navid knew ade more than anybody else so plz don't make them break up.. and it's so cute that navid couldn't confess his love for 11 years now he finally get his love >.<


wtf NAVID AND ADRIANNA ARE a great couple
hate silver


IAN and teddy, aaaaaaaaaaaaahw

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