Addison's Mom Returning to Private Practice

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It's official. Addison's mother is returning to Private Practice.

Whether she approves of Addy and Sam? That's still unclear.

Bizzy, who's played by JoBeth Williams, will have a thing or two to say about her daughter's boyfriend, executive producer Shonda Rhimes says: "Bizzy likes Sam a great deal, but I don't necessarily know that Bizzy likes Sam when he's with Addison."


Expect JoBeth Williams' upcoming appearance to leave a lasting impression.

"Bizzy's return to Private Practice is going to have a very big effect on Addison and it will leave her with a lot of interesting things to deal with," Rhimes added.

What do you think her return means for Addison and her relationship with Sam? Do you think they'll really have a baby - or will they even last? Discuss below.

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It's amazing the number of racists commenting on this alone. Perhaps the meddling mama, Bizzy, doesn't care for her daughter violating the girls code and sleeping with her best friend's ex? Perhaps Bizzy doesn't care for the fact that Sam and Addy are in different reproductive phases in their lives and if Addy waits for Sam to be ready again, bizzy may be too old to enjoy the grand-kid. Maybe Bizzy doesn't like Sam with Addy because BIZZY has the hots for Sam? Maybe the inter-racial aspect comes up in a different way?


***saw, opps :p


I say the tweet on kate walshs twitter and it could not be bizzy.
bizzy might not like that sam was married and has a child,and a grandchild...


Someone tweeted Kate asking her if the interracial aspect of their relationship would be brought up. Kate said "yes, it is coming". Bizzy is a racist.


Shonda says Bizzy likes Sam then adds but she doesnt want him with addie... hmm lets think Is Sam poor? I dont think So... Is Sam uneducated? He is a Doctor.. Is Sam a female/child abuser? I dont think so... So what could it be that Bizzy dislike about her daughter dating a prominent Doctor?.. Maybe just Maybe is the fact that Sam is Black...Just like Archer had a problem with Addison dating a Cop...


Maybe we are all wrong and she will be happy for her... But they come from conneticut where Addie never even used a shower head... Lol.


I don't believe that Bizzy is necessarily being a racist. Maybe she has other reasons for not liking Sam as Addison's boyfriend. Remember, she does like Sam, so I'm not too sure about racism being the factor of her distaste towards him. There could be a number of reasons for her not liking him, and whatever the case may be, I ope Addison finds what she needs and that Bizzy is supportive of all her decisions.


WTF racism? rmfe.... hope Addison decides to stay with Sam and ignore her mother.


Archer doesnt like poor people & Bizzy is racist NOW. Addison family is awful. I'm not even an addisam fan but if Bizzy is a racist witch then I say Go AddiSam. I hope Addison doesnt break up with Sam Ever. I'm so offended NOW. Well I'm definitely an AddiSam Fan NOW.


So Bizzy is a racist ugh!!!! I hate her already.. hope AddiSam have ten kids and ban her from their lifes FOREVER.... I cant believe they are going there with her.. HATE

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You tomato-ed me back. I like that.


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