The Return of Burn Notice: What Did You Think?

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In the wake of the Burn Notice summer cliff-hanger, "Eyes Open" started the fall season off with a reminder that getting shot is painful.

While I understand that Michael was on the wrong side of a gun, and the writers wanted to keep a realistic feel to his injuries, I'm concerned that they're going to drag out this recovery out way longer than is necessary. Or at least interesting.

In this episode, for instance, almost every scene that showed Michael also focused on the fact that he was shot and recovering. I actually tuned out the repeated discussion between Madeline and Fiona after the second time I heard it.

Fall Premiere Pic

Hey, did you hear that Michael Westen was shot?!?

I'm happy to say that one of the questions I asked about the overall season finally was answered. The show explained how someone just strolled up and took the briefcase after the car crash that killed Barrett and wounded Michael. While the explanation makes complete sense, it also seems a bit too convenient, even for Michael Weston.

On a happier note, it appears that Jesse is going to be around for good, as Coby Bell is listed third in the credits now, only behind Jeffrey Donovan and Gabriel Anwar.

First, let me say “Hell Yeah!” Second, I will be really glad when things get back to normal with the team.  Jesse being all wounded, snarky, and whining about Mike and the gang lying is getting old quick.

I'm curious where the rest of this season is going to go. With all the major bad guys dead and Vaughn now “Persona Non Grata” (having exited Miami,) it will be interesting how they will fill in the next big bad for Michael and the squad.  I'm fairly excited to see where they take it.


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There has been a rumor that someone from the main cast will be dying before seasons end. Really, the only person that could be is Jesse. He's not part of the original team, I think if any of the original 4 (Michael, Fiona, Sam or Michael's mom) were to die, fans would be in an uproar, and they have pretty much been setting it up for Jesse to be the one. Either Michael will kill him in self defense or Sam or Fi (most likely) will kill him to save Michael. I suppose it is possible he could get killed on a job, but that doesn't seem to be the way the writers are going.


so excited for burn noticed to be back on! Now im waiting for royal pains in jan and life will be good again!


Uh - Coby Bell has been listed 3rd in the opening credits from the beginning of season 4. This is nothing new and indicative of nothing. His return is not necessarily permanent - he begins work on another series soon. I think, as with everything to do with this show, that all plot twists and turns are up in the air and we aren't going to know anything until it happens. Even the spoilers don't point us in the right direction. I am ALWAYS surprised by what happens on this show!


Glad Coby Bell is back. I watched him on both Third Watch and The Game for both series full runs. He is a talented actor and I am happy that Burn Notice realized this and is bringing him back.


Sometimes I think people think "review" means you *have* to say things in a damning with faint praise way to look authentic. "While the explanation makes complete sense, it also seems a bit too convenient, even for Michael Weston." Orbit makes perfect sense.then it cannot be "too convenient". Personally I really enjoyed the episode thoroughly. I am convinced the writers really need about 5 more minutes of screen time and thus would be a perfect series. Just 5 more minutes would allow them to really nuance things. Oh well I just happy its back (aw well as the sunglasses)


Thought it was a great episode. Glad it is back!!!! Love the ending when Mike got his glasses back and stepped out of the car--looked like the Mike of old!!!


Amazing X) some twists there was indeed. I'm so happy it's back < 33333

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72 hours after you vowed to see Dale Lawson dead, Dale Lawson is dead.


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Jesse: That is a helluva question coming from you.