Dancing With the Stars Review: Week Eight

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We were a little skeptical of the "Insta-Dance" concept on Dancing with the Stars, but the humor and spontaneity actually went a long way. Funny how that works.

In terms of performances, last week's comeback kid Jennifer Grey is an underdog no more, quickstepping to a 27 and pulling off an instant rumba that was perfect.

Seriously, she managed a perfect 30 for the instant dance round!

Derek Hough and Jennifer Grey

Can anyone stop Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough?

Brandy, perhaps her chief competition for the title, pulled out another strong performance with a waltz that showcased her abilities. The crowd was really getting into it by then.

Kyle Massey, meanwhile, came alive with a gorgeous waltz of his own, then jived with an instant dance that was nearly perfect in its own right. The kid's a serious contender!

Kurt Warner and Anna Trebunskya have been climbing each week (albeit through attrition) but his performances deserve due credit as well. His waltz was actually pretty good.

As for Bristol Palin, her attempt at a sexy tango, but the intensity was lacking. Still, the girl went and gave it her all, and while her instant dance was lackluster, we love the effort.

The Dancing With the Stars leaderboard:

Brandy & Maksim Chmerkovskiy: 29, 28 (57)
Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough: 27, 30 (57)
Kyle Massey & Lacey Schwimmer: 27, 29 (56)
Kurt Warner & Anna Trebunskaya: 24, 24 (48)
Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas: 24, 23 (47)

What do you think is going home tonight?


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Please God, get rid of Bristol Palin. She, like her mother, does not deserve the attention she's getting. Or are they afraid Miz Mama Grizzly will call the show Unamerican and conspiratorial if Bristol doesn't win? Disgusting.


Now we have to deal with Max's pompous attitude and arrogance. Too bad for Brandy, it probably knocked her out of the viewers' votes.


The one outstanding quality of this show is the lovely sense of camaraderie that prevails among all of the contestants. Their continual support and encouragement of one another is uplifting. The manner in which they accept the criticism of the judges is always mature and dignified, an excellent example for younger viewers that they do not see in the majority of TV programs today. That is, until last night. SHAME ON YOU MAKSIM. I would have voted for Brandy, but refused to because of your childish outburst. You should have followed the example of countless predecessors before you and simply "sucked it up"!! All of the good-natured banter is a large part of what makes the show so enjoyable. It is entertainment at its best. We do NOT need any childish, petulant outbursts such as Maksim displayed last night to bring this outstanding show down to the level of other reality shows. If Brandy's fan base is not what it was, Maksim has only himself to blame. Straighten up Maksim and behave with more dignity and maturity in order to maintain the integrity of this delightful show.

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