Dancing With the Stars Review: Week Nine Results

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Tuesday night's results show was the last of the Dancing With the Stars season before the finals next week. Kyle Massey, Jennifer Grey and Brandy awaited their fate.

So did Bristol Palin, who seemed destined to head home after being outclassed by all of the above the night before. But scores mean little. Votes mean everything.

Could the Pistol somehow muster enough support from viewers to oust Brandy or Kyle (Jennifer has her own strong contingent)? Or was it finally the end for her?

Who's in and who's out? Find out after the jump ...

She's in there! Bristol's in the finals! So long, Brandy!
Pumped For the Finals

Bristol Palin is shakin' that thing all the way to the finals!

Astonishingly, the Alaskan will be joining Kyle and Jennifer in next week's final, meaning Brandy and Maks Chmerkovskiy got the boot despite great results Monday.

A series-high number of votes were cast to make it happen, too. Not one person didn't look stunned, including Bristol herself and her partner Mark Ballas.

"I don't know how to feel right now. It hasn't processed yet for me," Brandy said after hearing the news, which was followed by gasps around the country.

We'd gasp even more if Bristol actually won Dancing With the Stars, which still seems unlikely, as Jennifer Grey remains the favorite. But stay tuned ...


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Dancing with the stars has proven one thing, the republicans don't win anything they buy it. Since when did Bristol Palin become a star? I have to say that I wll no longer watch the show. The bad part is is that Bristol will probably be awarded the prize as no one that I know want's to watch the show anymore. I myself could not except an award that my mothers friends bought for me. If Bristol realy thinks that she is that good then she is very nieve.


Ballroom dancing is nothing like what singers like Brandy do onstage. It's a totally different form of dancing. That's what people were complaining about last season with Nicole from PCD. As for Bristol, yes she has improved, but this is supposed to be about TALENT, not who's mother is ex-VP candidate or now has their own reality show on TLC? This is about talent, and no matter what anyone says, Brandy has WAYYY more talent than Bristol. Even Bristol and Mark were shocked they stayed, they have been in the bottom two SIX weeks now! Bristol should have been gone the week that Audrina left, even she had more talent than Bristol. She had better scores and she is just a reality star with no professional background either.


@KristenR1983 the public doesn't choose the cast of DWTS, abc did.




I hope Jennifer wins and Kyle comes in second


@ LittleAngel I agree with you. I never understand why they put people with a pretty extensive dance background on the show with people with no dance background what so ever. Definitely makes me want to root for the underdog. Perfect example, Nicole Sherzinger...um hello home girl is a pussycat doll. 85% of their act is dancing...may not be "ballroom" dancing, but as a dancer I know that you can basically pick anything up if you have years of experience.


Hey i have news for everyone.....abc didn't vote. The public did


calm down guys. It's reality TV, it's not about talent but about who looks nicer. Actually, as Brandy has been dancing for years, I think Bristol is deserving much than her. I like seeing non professionals tried and to be honest she is the one who has made the biggest progress (she was coming from far ;-) ). Don't worry I'm not voting, I'm not on the right continent to do so (and I don't pay to vote for realTV anyway). I just think that the winner should not always be the better but the person who tries the most. Maybe I'm too European sometimes but here, it's never been the best singer/dancer/... who have won realTV competition


thts totally bs! brandy was way better than bristol!


Bristol seems like a nice girl, but if she wins, it is not because of talent

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