Dancing With the Stars Review: The Seventh Star Eliminated is ...

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After last week's shocking elimination of Audrina Patridge, we were sure it couldn't happen again. Bristol Palin or Kyle Massey, in the bottom two score-wise, were goners.

One of the two, we mean. It seemed inevitable. If not them, than perhaps Kurt Warner, who's been solid but hasn't really knocked our socks off at any point this season.

So who was voted off when the dust settled in week seven? Find out now ...

Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke are gone! What the heck? After the Jolly Green Giant got his highest scores ever on Monday night, too. The numbers simply do not add up.

Nor does sending off a guy who clearly wanted to stay over someone (cough, Bristol) who had plainly said she was ready to go home. Pretty ridiculous stuff here.

Rick Fox and Cheryl

Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke have been ousted in another shocker.

"It's been amazing. It's been a transformational journey for my relationship with my girlfriend and with my daughters," said Fox, who certainly left with much class.

Wow. Again, we have no clue how this is going to play out.

Guess Rick really didn't have the fan support, because like Audrina, he was actually one of the better dancers. But for Rick, how did an older, female audience not help?

Her ouster will be debated by many. Should Kyle or Bristol have gone instead? Did Dancing With the Stars voters make the right call? Who are you rooting for now?


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seanbaby, a pnfiessooral humourist who writes EGM articles about bad games, usually covers four or five games that are awful.he gave this one an article all to itself. that s how much bad stuff there is to say for it.but wii music is a variable at this point. Was this answer helpful?


This show sucks now. Palin should have been gone by now. This is now turning into a political popularity show. Rick Fox was the best and should never have gone home. Get rid of Palin


it's real tv: people votes for the person they like the most and not for what that person is doing! In a way, that keeps the show interesting because if the audience was voting according to the grades, it would be useless to ask them to vote, no?

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