Desperate Housewives to Ask: Who Shot Paul Young?

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Spoiler alert: We might now know who gets killed off Desperate Housewives.

In September, creator Marc Cherry said there will be a major mid-season cliffhanger that has "to do with Paul Young." He then added that a big-time character will meet his/her demise around February Sweeps.

Paul Young Photo

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Combine this information with the latest TV Guide Mega Buzz column. It reports that Desperate Housewives will follow in the mysterious footsteps of Dallas and ask "Who shot Paul Young?" at some point this season.

Who will be the culprit? Naturally, all Wisteria Lane residents will be considered suspects, but the magazine teases:

Will anyone corroborate the story of Felicia Tillman's operative, who will be exposed in the aftermath? Let the guessing games begin - and let's hope it's half as juicy as the real-life developments with Eva Longoria, Tony Parker and Erin Barry.

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you are all idiots it's beth his wife didn.t you see on halloween night she would've shot susan with a 38 gun the same gun paul was shot with


did ye forget about mike he could of come back early and killed him he blackmail susan over the porn


i think it was maybe zach young his son :P


Lee shot Paul Young!!!
Ißm happz he´s apparently died!


i think it's beth.
Maybe felicia told her that she has to kill him.


It could be anyone. I can't wait to find out


i definitely think it wasnt bree...maybe someone connected to beths mom?


Ouh!! there is someone very important forgotten here! Zach Young, he might have come back for he's father!


I also think its something planed by Felicia, If someone from the neighborhood does, it would b too obvious... they all hate him!


I think it is bob or lee because earlier when they were trying to run lee pulled a gun out of his bag and put it back in so that must be a hint.

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